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The Transition Of Film Technology Essay

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The other day, I went to the Vue cinema and watched the new movie "Thor 2 - The Dark World". It was a marvellous movie with mind-blowing actions. There was a short scene that really has blown my mind and kept me thinking of how it works, Thor- the marvel hero got himself sucked into the space with a tremendous speed. I can imagine how advance is the filming technology of fast forwarding motion pictures today. The scene has also inspired me to consider the transformations of media from the early 80s. The following essay will be an approach of discussing different sorts of media and explains the connections between the old and the new.
Phenakistoscope is a spinning device created by Joseph Plateau, the Belgian scientist in 1832(Elaine K,2008). It is invented from observations and researches of a British scientist - Peter Mark Roget (Philip C,1995). Phenakistoscope is a monumental creation by Joseph despite his slight blindness after looking directly into the sun for twenty-five seconds during an experiment of physiological optics in 1829. He still endeavours to create the phenakistoscope after the incident. His cornea was starting to swell after the invention and he was blinded completely in 1843 (Thirion.J,1914). The invention is made of two discs mounting together on a metal rod, one with continuous images around the end and the other with slots around the circumference of the disc. The disc with images are drawn repeatedly with diverse stance to produce an animation for the device, which rotates again and again. These images need to be considered as a reflection image due to the fact of the device is being viewed through the mirror and it only allows one person to use at a time, a viewer needs to look at the mirror through slots on the disc to discover the moving image (ncssm, 2000).
Two years after the invention of the phenakistoscope (1834), a British scientist - William Horner has created a spinning device called Zoetrope. It acts like an advanced version of the phenakistoscope. It contains two cylinders where the images are drawn at the bottom half and slots at the top. Unlike the phenakistoscope, there is no requirement of a mirror and more than one person can view the moving pictures through the slots. The Zoetrope can spin faster than the phenakistoscope because it spins on top of a disc but not attached to a metal rod. This provides a faster and more realistic moving picture to viewers (animation999, 2012).
The two media that are mentioned above appear in the 80s and they are long-lost. They are what we called the Dead Media. The term "Dead Media" means that the existence of old media has forgotten or disappeared. However, is this what we believe or is this the reality? Many media archaeologists believe dead media do not die. Give an example of the process of circuit bending images, the result after the process will change images into something very different from the original. The changes can be related to the comparison of...

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