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The Transition Of Public Management In America

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The Transition Of Public Management: 2000s

A puzzling question is what can be expected from public management and public managers in the new millennium? What are the important issues such as regulatory reform, public sector budgeting, human resources management, strategic policymaking, ethics, and corruption, now and in the future? Will the alternative to government delivery of service be privatization? The concepts of Rational Administration, Accountability, Planning, Control, Budgeting and Financial management are major factors in the future of this nation and the world. Having a well managed public sector and having America function at peek efficiency seems to be the goal of public management but there are obstacles that are a constant plague in trying to reach this goal. This analysis is an attempt to help understand what may happen in Public Management in the future and why. (Ott)

Many Public Service Organizations are trying to make privatization the major method of handling daily mundane operations such as environmental management, building maintenance, methods of transportation, administrative task, etc. “The Privatization of Public Service: Lessons from Case Studies" report was researched and written by Eliott Sclar, a professor of urban planning at Cornell University. Many FPE locals are familiar with Dr. Sclar and his work on dispelling the myths of privatization. The report follows three examples of public sector privatization over a four-year period: vehicle maintenance in Albany, N.Y., state highway maintenance in Massachusetts and vehicle maintenance in Indianapolis. The research shows that in Albany and Massachusetts there was no evidence that contracting saved money or improved service quality. In Indianapolis, where privatized vehicle maintenance was abandoned in favor of internal reorganization, substantial savings and an improvement in the quality of work can be documented. This report is a must-have for locals that face the threat of any privatization. (The Privatization) (

Globalization is a factor in the New Millennium that must be included in almost any discussion concerning the future. At the click of a finger, a businessman doing financial transaction in New York can transfer dollars to any country where he is doing business. That is because of globalization that has allowed the cheaper and faster transfer of speculative portfolio investment. Since the late 1970s and early 1980s, globalization has been pushed for by countries dominant in the world's major economic and political circles. As some would claim, not to globalize is to be marginalized in the world community.

Globalization, as commonly discussed, refers to the explosive growth in the past 20 to 25 years of huge multinational corporations and vast pools of capital that have crossed national borders and penetrated everywhere. It was born out of the technological revolution and the crisis of...

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