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TRANSPORTATION IN DUBLIN - AN OVERVIEWINDUSTRY BACKGROUNDKey Characteristics of Transport in IrelandAn analysis of the deficiencies of Ireland's internal and access transport system has to take account of the following factors-Ireland's peripheral island location without a land link to the rest of Europe and with a total reliance on sea and air travel for access to mainland Europe and other Markets-The small and open nature of the economy, with merchandise imports and exports together accounting for 137% GNP-The dispersed nature of population and economic activity-The importance of inward investment and natural resource-based economic activity to the development of the economy and the creation of employmentThe Irish Transport System has the key following features:-The internal transport system is underdeveloped and generally of poor quality-Roads are the dominant mode of internal transport accounting for 89% of freight traffic and 96% of passenger traffic. Rail accounts for virtually all of the balance, with a higher relative share on the main roads/ rail corridors, amounting to 24% of end-to-end journeys in the passenger market in which rail competes and with higher shares on some corridors.-A review of long-term development needs for road network estimated total investment requirements over a 20 year period of nearly 13 billion, of which 4 billion related to strategic national primary roads.-Past financial investment have led to significant underinvestment in the railways, with most of its assets and infrastructure now beyond normal life expectancy. Significant investment is required for rail development.-Because of Ireland's peripheral location, sea and air routes fulfil the same role for Ireland as cross-frontier transport links in Europe. Cost effective sea & air transport supported by the necessary infrastructure are crucial for sustainable economic growth and employment creation-Sea is the dominant mode of access transport for merchandise trade, with sea representing 76% of the volume of trade and 60% of exports by value-Air traffic accounts for less than 1% of merchandise trade in value terms, reflecting the significance of this mode in the export of goods with a high added value/ low weight ration-Air accounts for 65% of passenger traffic, with sea travel catering for the other 35%.TRANSPORTATION ISSUES IN DUBLINDublin is the largest city in the country and, as well as Ireland's capital, it is its commercial, industrial and financial centre. The Greater Dublin Area has a population of over 1 million people, almost a third of the country's population.The Greater Dublin Area has seen significant changes affecting the transport system over the last 20 years. These include:-The creation of three Western New Towns and the gradual outward spread of population-Significant growth in the population from 0.85 million in 1971 to 1.14 million in 1991 (with Dublin county alone increasing by 140%).-The development of suburban shopping and leisure...

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