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In the year 2025, the drifting upper lands of Sister Helena were under siege. Not by foreign colonies, nor bitter enemies with a score to settle, for the High Lord's rule was peaceful and harmonious, but rather it's own defensive military forces, blind and driven with a ravenous thirst for bloodshed. And so with a shocking act of treason, troops gathered by the thousands behind Helena's central gates on the eve of December, pillaging it's kingdom without mercy, wreaking apocalyptic havoc, and leaving nothing... but ash and smoke. It is now 2031. Six years have passed since then, and to this day it is referred to as Helena's Lament, and although the tale is often told in great detail there is one crucial piece of information missing. It was never known if the High Lord and his son had managed to escape, or if they had suffered a pitiful death long before, and even though I try time and again to convince myself that it wouldn't affect me, that it was just another piece of history's puzzle... my conscience told me that it would.

Part One: Fleeting

An abrupt rap on the door made Hyde jolt upright, causing him to knock his head against the Glider that he was repairing with mindboggling force. Irritated, he gingerly massaged the bruising spot on his forehead and stood up. "Come in," he hollered, wincing as the throbbing pain faded and resumed his work. "By all means," he muttered darkly under his breath. Shortly afterward the door swung open, squeaking on its hinges, revealing a flamboyant young man not much older than he was. He carried large boxes stacked upon one another and set them next to the doorframe, showing great care as to not drop them.
"Yo, Hyde. Still working on the same Glider, I see. How bad did that guy scratch it up, anyway? W-what's his name...uh, Venice, right?" The man scratched his chin, where a decent amount of stubble had already formed. Hyde waved his partner's thoughtless comment away. "You know how the military is nowadays. One flaw and they'll have my head on a pole." He turned to face the man. "We supply their Gliders, Tory. You know better than to ask me a question like that..."
Tory shrugged. "That's the conclusion he wants you to take. That dog's just trying to find an excuse to see you again. Hoo! Looks like someone's got an admirer." Tory fished a cigarette from his pocket and lit the end, savoring the spine-tingling satisfaction that accompanied it. He leaned against the doorframe and inhaled deeply, the sight of bustling villagers calming his nerves. Just another day, he thought. Nothing worth thinking twice about. "We've been going at it for a while now. I'm surprised they still rely on us... a rinky-dink, run-down little place." His eyes swept across the rooftops. "You'd think that they would've moved on--"
A sudden commotion from the far side of town made him react. He stepped over the threshold, his gaze joining the curious villagers'. Hyde paused and set down the wrench that was in his...

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