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The Traveler Marco Polo Essay

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What comes to mind when the name Marco Polo is mentioned? Many people would think of the game often played in the swimming pool, but there is much more to the name. Marco Polo was a famous traveler who faced many challenges, but still lived to tell about his many adventures. Even though people didn’t believe his stories about his adventures, he had much more to tell.
In the month of September and in the year 1254, Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy (A&E). Marco’s mother was Nicole Anna Defuseh and his father was Niccolo Polo (Web). When Marco was born his father and his uncle Maffeo Polo went to China to meet the ruler Kublai Kahn. Niccolo and Maffeo were successful jewel merchants and ...view middle of the document...

Since he wrote the book about his travels, we know why Marco Polo is famous. No one believed his stories so they re-titled his book and named it The Million Lies (His). Marco wrote the book based off of his adventures.
Marco, his father and his uncle went through a lot of different countries on their way to China. They went through Armenia, Persia, Afghanistan, and the Pamir Mountains. After the boys got to the mountains they cut across the vast Gobi Desert then ended up in Beijing (Road). When Marco Polo was in China he spent most of his journey as an envoy for the Mongol ruler Kublai Kahn (Things). Marco Polo is also famous for his journeys to Asia (Are). He was not the first European to travel to Asia. Giovanni da Pain del Carpini was the first person to travel to Asia 20 years before Marco left Europe (You). The descriptions in Marco's book influenced and inspired Christopher Columbus. When Christopher Columbus went on his journey he took a copy of Marco Polo's book with him (Marco). Coming home from China the Polo boys went on the Silk Road wanting to goods back with them (Traveler). When talking to people back in Venice they found it hard to convince people they were part of the Polo family. Being in China so long had changed the way the looked and the way they talked (Polo). During his travels some unfortunate events occurred.
While on their journeys across Asia they would sometimes become very ill. They would run out of supplies and became very hungry and dehydrated They also had to run from bandits and wild animals (Explorer). When the Polo's decided to leave Asia they barely made it out alive. The boys were only allowed to leave if they took the Mongol princess with them by sea so she could marry the Persian prince. The waves in the Indian Ocean were very menacing and killed 600 passengers and crew but only 18 people survived. Marco, his father, his uncle, and the princess were among the few survivors (May). Going through the kingdom Trebizond, today known as Turkey, the government robbed them of 4,000 gold coins. Since they were robbed they lost most of their fortune (Not). After returning back to his hometown he was captured by the people of Genoa at the age 44. Marco was put in jail because of the conflict going between Genoa and Venice (Some). After he was released from...

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