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Saturday mornings were what I lived for. Never mind the cartoons. Never mind the homemade scones and clotted cream that filled the downstairs with the scent of home, never mind the occasional family outing to the pictures. I preferred to spend that time by myself; Sunday was the Lord’s day and a day for family, and the rest of the week was spent in primary school (or grammar school in those later years), learning maths and history, cursive and spelling, being teased at recess. So on Saturdays, I took what solace I could in my borrowed books, reading beneath the shade of the old linden tree in my front yard like a living cliché.
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I’m not ashamed to say that my favourite book was always The Secret Garden. Perhaps it was because it was the first real book that I’d read by myself outside of primary school, or because a combination of that and because it was the first book I’d ever read from that wondrous library. Perhaps it was because the weather on my Saturday mornings always seemed to match and capture the placid beauty in Mary’s garden, or perhaps it was because the red paint of that old car reminded me much of her roses. I read it four or five times throughout the years of his visits, but petty children’s tales couldn’t always satisfy me. I read of scaly, fanged dragons defeated by knights in gleaming armour, of lives stolen by poisoned whiskey and mysteries that brought justice to the noble and the fallen. I read Dickens and Dumas, Wilde and Wells. Sometimes at school I’d find my mind wandering and I couldn’t tell whether the things I saw were real or phantoms of my imagination; surely the girl who sold my family bread at the bakery didn’t see a lifelong romance in me, surely the little boy who bumped into me on the street wasn’t some genius thief part of a monumental scheme only before heard of in fiction. The radio never spoke of impending war, yet I was convinced that any day, my father would leave like he had in the earliest days of my youth. In my sleep, I was a prince, and across the sea was the girl I was fighting for my life to see.
I even began to write, eventually. When I was seventeen, one of my very own stories ended up in...

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