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The Travels Of Keiji Essay

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As Keiji awoke from the year long slumber, he couldn't quite believe the whole scenario playing out before his eyes; fires raging all around him, screams, jettisons of blood rising from the earth beneath the floorboards. A heavy groan left his lips while he couldn't do much more than to attempt to blink the sleep from his eyes. Suddenly from the right a large wooden spear came thundering towards his drowsy form. Not leaving a second to waste, Keiji, rolled to his left away from the oncoming thrust. A soft “thud” could be heard as the soles of his feet barely touched the wooden floorboards before he leaned forward throwing his sleepy form into action. Keeping a snarl rested behind clenched teeth, Keiji glanced up from the ground as he took in the whole dress of the attacker. Black linens covered the frame preventing him from telling the gender. Another quick stab towards his chest this time caused him to twist his body like a spring narrowly avoiding the whole point. The thrust did cleanly slice through the hanging fabric of his robe. A now feral growl left his lips as he uncoiled from the twist lunging at the attacker, a quick gasp of surprise emitted from the lips of the attacker. A quick hand gripped the shaft of the wooden spear with a strong pull away from the body of the attacker.
Keiji could feel the hold on the spear loosen just enough so he leaped backwards at the same precise moment. Sucking in a sharp breath through his teeth, Keiji landed on his feet with the same hold on the spear using the blunt end to stab at the stomach of the attacker the very moment his feet touched the floor. He could hear the crack of the wood hit steel plating. So it did appear as if the person was far more equipped for this attack than he so previously thought was possible. The now splintered wood erupted into sharp thorns around the two, with a quick twist of his wrist, Keiji, kept his forward advance on the attacker. Mumbling under his breath Keiji couldn't help, but to admire the tenacity of this being. It had been a while since one was ever so foolish enough to do anything like this. Caught in the babble of his mind he felt the air more so than he saw it. Leaping over the oncoming dagger that was thrown at his chest, he felt it dig into his thigh. A small groan left his lips as he landed near the being, hand rocketing out towards the being's chest. He could feel the metal cave in from the blow, watching it stagger for a moment he kept up his advance, another right hook aimed at his ribs. He heard the loud snap of the ribs being shattered from the blow. Keiji let a small grin flash across his facial features before his right knee lifted from the ground right up into the armor, leaving a huge dent in the steel. While the being's hands crossed over its face, with a small roar of pain before suddenly Keiji was sent flying backwards from the force of it. He struggled to his feet after his body ungracefully collided with a rather sturdy piece of wood.

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