The Trayvon Martin Case: A Travesty Of Justice

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Racism, known as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” (Oxford, 2013) When an individual mentions the word ‘racism’ almost all the time it will be referred to a black individual, not white nor any other race, but black. Over the years racism has repeatedly occurred whether it was said or done; some showed racism by the words they used, while others presented it by the racist acts they committed. Racism towards the black community has not only been shown by other races, but also by individuals who were there to keep them ‘safe’. Very contradictory yet true, that a black man’s worst enemy turned out to be the ones that were meant to serve and protect them. It is also evident that some individuals in the black community have established this image for themselves, which led to the police becoming their worst enemy. This is relevantly shown through different litigations that have occurred or are still occurring today. Due to the fact that there has been a lot of discrimination against the African American community over the years, changes should be brought in the justice system where cases involving individuals from these communities could be handled very delicately. Some issues that will provide insight on how government officials have shown their racism towards black individuals and how these issues could have been resolved include the critical race litigation of R.D.S and of Trayvon Martin, and contradictory to that will be the South African case of Mido Macia which evidently caught Canadian officials attention (CBC News, 2013) and portrayed their affection towards the African community.
The litigation of R.D.S was a highly known case due to its success in reaching the supreme court of Canada. It was well recognized also due to the fact that it portrayed the unpleasant relationship that the Black community and the Justice system share; in particular the Police (Aylward, pg. 83) The R.D.S case consisted of a white police officer, a seventeen year old male known as R.D.S, and R.D.S’ cousin who was being arrested by a police officer. (Aylward, 2000) This case became well known primarily based on the grounds of Critical race litigations due to the sole fact that it consisted of a black male being falsely charged by a white police officer. It also created tension between the black and white communities because it was becoming a pattern for white police officers to hurt or falsely accuse black individuals. There were also many similar racial offences occurring including the Rodney King case which was in the United States rather than Canada. (The Nizkor Project, 1997) The R.D.S litigation caused uproar because the Judge that was appointed to the case was a black female judge, Corrine Sparks, and based on the witnesses and evidence that was provided she acquitted R.D.S of the offences. This...

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