The Treaties Built On Quicksand Essay

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After the end of World WarⅠthe countries involved had to find a way to repair all the damage that was caused worldwide because of their fighting, so they came up with a treaty of 'peace', The Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on Versailles, France in 1919 where the four representatives of the major countries on the Entente Powers (The Allies) - Woodrow Wilson President of the United States, The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Lloyd George, The Prime Minister of France, Georges Clemenceau, and The Prime Minister of Italy, Vittorio Orlando - united with other 17 nations to come up with a way to find who is going to be responsible for the distress and chaos of the war. The Allied Powers were not allowed to be present in the conference, so they had no say in the matter until the other nations came up with the solution. At the end of the conference the nations decided to put the majority of the responsibility upon Germany, who was outraged at this injustice, while they were disdainful of Wilson’s pushing for his fourteen points to be included because Germany wasn’t the only one at fault over the destruction of the war, but the three European powers interpreted this as Wilson’s naive and superior attitude. The Treaty of Versailles stripped Germany off most of their resources such as their military, a lot of their land, mines, and others important resources that were essential for Germany to be able to maintain a stable economy, which led the country into a great decline in their economy, this sparked the anger of Germany and World War Ⅱ. The Non-Proliferation Treaty is, in its own way, becoming a treaty that will create several problems between nations in the future because it has several negative qualities just like the Treaty of Versailles.

These treaties made several countries feel both powerful and weak. The treaties weakened a lot of countries....

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