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The Treatment And Diagnosing Of Traumatic Brain Injury

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Thesis Statement: Our veterans deserve for the procedures implicated in the treatment of all mild head injuries to have detailed diagnostic testing, in-depth evaluations, and follow up so there are not adverse future effects.

I. The treatments of our veterans should be complete and timely.
A. The procedures in treatment of mild head injuries need to be detailed.
B. Rapid objective methods in diagnosing, evaluating, and follow up are imperative.

II. Procedures may be implicated in the diagnosis of mild TBI.
A. The types of headaches following a blast may determine severity of head injury.
B. A simple blood test is a viable option.
C. The combat medic is important in determining evidence of a concussion.

III. The evaluations of our veterans’ injuries should be immediate.
A. The battalion aid stations should have the capability to evaluate hormone deficiencies.
B. The handheld device to check TBI biomarkers is an important intervention.
C. The combat supported hospital has complete intake evaluations.

IV. The follow up care of our veterans is crucial to their health.
A. The post war screening of our veterans may diminish problems later in life.
B. The VA Hospital can determine the long term effects on veterans.
C. The ongoing treatment of our veterans is imperative during their tour and beyond.

V. The attention to health will improve the well being of veterans.

The Treatment and Diagnosing of the Battlefield Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

The rapid objective methods in the diagnosing, evaluating, and follow up of the battlefield mild traumatic brain injury needs treatment standards. There are standards for the moderate to severe head injuries but none for the mild head injuries. Our veterans deserve detailed procedures in the treatment of the combat related mild head injuries so they will not experience adverse effects in the future.
In the first place, diagnostic procedures can be implicated to determine the severity of the head injury. The headaches the soldiers may experience after a blast, which results in a mild traumatic brain injury, is now being evaluated. The immediate diagnosis of the soldier’s injuries could make a difference in the future problems the brain injury could cause. In civilian life, if a person suffers from a possible mild head injury from an accident, it is evaluated to the fullest to determine if any permanent damage has occurred. This should also be the case with our soldiers who are in the everyday situation of the mild brain injury. It is important for the medics to determine if the soldiers who suffer with migraines after a blast are not suffering from a mild head injury. With attention to the severity of a headache and the symptoms that follow can be a standard that is used to decide the follow up action and treatment. “Ninety-two percent of soldiers experienced the onset of headache within one week. The...

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