The Treatment And Prevention Of Alcoholism

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The Treatment and Prevention of Alcoholism

There are approximately seventeen million people in various stages of alcoholism.

(Fischman R. 1992 pg.77). The cost to our society for alcoholism is an estimated one hundred

And seventeen million dollars. Over half of all hospital emergency room accidents or

Illnesses. These are just a few examples of the destruction and loss that alcohol causes.

There are no positive results from consuming alcohol. The facts are devastating but reality.

Most alcoholics deny the severity of the situation and hold on to the belief that they can

Manage the problem themselves and this disorder can happen to anyone dispite sex, age,

Religion or race.

Prevention programs tend to deal with alcohol use at a primary prevention level.

Working with youth that have not started using alcohol. (Linney/Wanderman 1992

Pg.19). There are several ways to prevent alcoholism you need to raise awareness and

Involvement in the community. Increase knowledge to teachers, parents and students.

Study the facts, effects and the dangerous outcome. Change normal expectations about

Alcohol. Enhance parenting and possible family influence. Increase involvement in

School by parents and students. Increase involvement in healthy legal alternatives.

Increase support services for students, teachers and parents. There are programs focused

On just the family, peer group influences, school environment and the community.

Teenagers become addicted in months and it takes many years for adults to

Develop alcohol dependence (Mayo Clinic 1999 Internet). In the United States more than

Two thousand people between the ages of fifteen and twenty years old die in alcohol

Related accidents. The influence of parents, peers, and role models has an influence on

Teens so they're positive image and beliefs could lead them to a more positive way of
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Life. Make sure you look for signs: Loses interest in activities and hobbies, appears

Anxious and irritable, has difficulties or changes in relationships with friends, joins a new

Crowd and their grades drop. To prevent teen alcohol abuse you need to set a good

Positive example, communicate with your children, discuss legal and medical

Consequences of drinking. Other signs include drinking alone or in secret, not

Remembering conversations or commitments, a ritual of drinks before, during and after

Dinner, keeping alcohol in unlikely places, gulping drinks or ordering doubles.

The alcoholic is the victim and the goal is total abstinence. Sometimes however,

Reducing consumption can help. If you drink a quart of Vodka each day then decrease to

A pint of Vodka each day. It's not failure, but it's a start. Rewarding improvement does

Not mean accepting continued drinking as an end. This step just prolongs the problems.

But even abstinence alone cannot be the whole goal and...

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