The Treatments Available To Help Infertile Couples To Have Children

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The Treatments Available to Help Infertile Couples to Have Children

There are a variety of treatments available to help infertile couples
to have children as infertility is increasingly becoming a recognised
problem. Infertility is the term used to describe the inability to
conceive or the inability to carry a pregnancy to a live child after
regular sexual intercourse without the use of contraception. If you
continue to have sexual intercourse without contraception for a year
or more and still cannot have a child you are generally deemed
infertile. Therefore if you are fertile you have the ability to have
children of your own through sexual intercourse without
contraceptives. The problems of infertility are now becoming greater
as it affects over 10% of couples hoping to have children. One in ten
of these cases of infertility are inexplicable which means that we can
not explain why they are infertile because there is no apparent
reason. When couples are told that one of them, or both, are infertile
I imagine that this takes time to sink in and for them to acknowledge
what this actually means. For most couples that were actually planning
to have a child it would be very hard to take and they would be
feeling distraught. One of the partners may feel slightly resentful to
the partner who is infertile if it had been that important for them to
have a child. The reason why people, particularly Christians, feel it
is important to have children is that it is what God wanted and it
completes the act of marriage. Without a child someone may feel less
than a whole or complete person as if something in their life is
missing and there is a gap left to be filled. A wife who was infertile
described herself to be "A dud" maybe because it lowered her
self-esteem that she could not give birth to a child. There are many
types of problems that cause infertility that occur in both males and
females. Males can suffer from a low sperm count, lazy sperm which are
sperm that don't fight to get to the egg and fertilise it, and they
can be impotent meaning that they can't get aroused during sex.
Females may produce an insufficient number of eggs or have blocked
fallopian tubes. All of these problems leading to infertility can
easily be treated. Some couples want to have children so much that
they turn to medical treatments that could possibly still enable them
to have a child. Advances in medical technology can now help infertile
couples become parents through the use of embryo technology. I will
describe these treatments in my coursework: In vitro fertilization
(IVF), Artificial insemination by husband, Artificial insemination by
donor, egg/sperm donation, embryo donation and surrogacy.

One of the most common forms of modern treatment to enable couples to
be parents is (IVF) or In vitro fertilization. "In...

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