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The Treaty Of Paris Essay

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The Treaty of Paris

The year 1763 marked a great turning point for the American colonist, when the Treaty of Paris ended the worldwide Seven Years’ War. The British empire had had kicked the hated French out of North America, claiming territorial jurisdiction over French Canada and all the territory east of the Mississippi river. (Martin 80) The Americans saw this as a great opportunity to expand westward, of the Appalachian Mounts with out fear of the French any more. Seeing this as in opportunity to gain more freedom from the English parental rule. Yet the British had the opposite in mind, the British were now concentrating more on their American colonies, and planned to levy more taxes to gain more revenue for all the loss during American wars and balance national debt of England. This disagreement would end an era of salutary neglect, under which colonist had relative freedom. (Martin 83) After imposing regulations on the English Mercantile system on what could and could not be grown in American colonies, and placing limits on what could be bought such as the sugar Act of 1764. Also by imposing the Stamp Act of 1765. And lack of representation for English taxation, on American colonies. Also American tried to set up a bank and monetary system, but the English repealed it. American were looking for more freedom, and the English were becoming stricter, so then came the argument for independence, that split the colonies in three. Radicals, who wanted immediate change, and freedom from the tyrant rule of England, wanted a revolution for independence. Then there were the Moderates who did not like what the English doing, and wanted the English to be more lenient with self-rule, but were afraid that revolution was going to be a disaster. Then came the Loyalist who supported the crown, and wanted to continue being part of the English Empire.

Radicals such as Sam Adams, Richard Lee, Paul Revere, Ebenezer Mackintosh, Thomas Pain and nameless others at first were very unusual in America. At first radicals were the ones to oppose English taxes, such as the Stamp Act, of 1765, were taxation came from England without American representation. Also by boycotting British goods in defense of political liberties. (Martin 94). Starting Sons Of Liberty movement that was to promote American liberty but was more of a mob that went around picking on British supporters, and loyalist. When Parliament repealed the Stamp Tax, and was feeling the pressure from the American boycott the parliament gave in. American radicals saw this as a victory and that the English crown was weak, but the English saw it as keeping the peace, but could still tax the Americans at any willing time cause they were part of the English empire. (Martin 91) Americans also wanted their own currency, and establishing their own bank, rather than using English money that was hard to come by. But the Currency Act in 1964 claimed that paper money of any colonial government could no longer...

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