The Trial Of Celia, A Slave

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The author focused on the historical event that took place to support how they affected Celia indirectly. I enjoyed reading the book but I felt angry toward Newsom, his family and the court. The fact that human beings can be bought and sold as an object, for the owner’s pleasure, is loathsome. I was angry toward Newsom for rapping Celia continuously for five years without getting any punishment for his actions. Newsom’s daughter, being aware of their father’s action wasn’t able to confront him, due to being a woman and the financial support Newsom provided. Celia was not approved any rights for she is an “object” that must obey the masters order. Celia’s life shows how slavery ...view middle of the document...

She was afraid of confronting Newsom. Nonetheless, she obtained a large stick and placed it in the corner of her room in her cabin, which was given by Newsom to keep her close to his house. Newsom went to her cabin after being confronted by Celia, and started rapping her. While trying to stop Newsom, she grabbed the large stick and hit Newsom in the head twice. Newsom fell on the floor, dead after the second blow. After realizing what she had done and the consequence for her action, she decided to dispose the evidence by burn his body in the fire with her weapon.
The next as Newsom’s family began to notice of their missing father, they proceeding to look for him around the farm before any other suspicions arrived. Powell interrogated Celia and George, due to her relationship with Newsom and the threat she made toward him. Celia gave up after being interrogated and questioned many times about her involvement in the murder. She confessed to her crimes, but others didn’t believe she could have done it alone and got help from George. A lawyer was...

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1570 words - 7 pages instruct the jury that the enslaved Celia fell within the meaning of "any woman"—giving the jury no latitude to consider Celia's murder of her sexually abusive master a justifiable act of self-defense”. Cited: 1. a Slave State of Missouri v. Celia: 1855 - Celia Speaks, The Trial Begins, On To The Missouri Supreme Court, Suggestions For Further Reading 2. McLaurin, Melton A. Celia, a Slave. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1991. Print.

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