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According to A Novel Approach to Politics “Questions about the very nature of reality seem to be common in fiction of all sorts.” Especially, The Boondocks, a fictional cartoon, uses satire to describe real events that happen in society. The episode I tuned into was “The Trial of R. Kelly”, which explained how R. Kelly won his trial and the views of the people about his case. In the episode, the people outside the court house showed different cognitive frameworks of how they view R. Kelly situation. In other words, the media made sense of the reality of R. Kelly situation in different ways because of the media wanted to select certain information. In this paper, I will explain how the media exemplified mediated reality and agreement reality in the “The Trial of R. Kelly” episode of The Boondocks.
The Trial of R. Kelly can be viewed through a mediated reality, which is also a political reality. Van Belle and Mash explains that a mediated reality “comes through channels of information flow, primarily through news media, and understanding how information is selected, sorted and presented to us through the news media is necessary for developing a critical understanding of politics and government.” The Boondocks used the trial of R. Kelly to present a mediated reality of the way he won his trial in a satirical manner. The news cameras in the front of the court house presented the two sides: the people who were for R. Kelly and the people who were against him. Mostly the people who supported R. Kelly information was selected for the news media and the information from the nonsupporters were not selected by the news media. In this case the information was bias to supporting R. Kelly even though he had film a sex tape urinating on a fourteen year old girl. It was ironic that the people would still support R. Kelly after such an incident, but his case was viewed on a racial manner rather than having sex with an underage teenager. The news media was able to view the lawyer sly ways of dealing with the jury to help R. Kelly win his case. This action showed how the government judicial system...

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