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The Trill Of Playing Under The Lights

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Throughout time people have listened to music, whether it was around a camp fire singing a traditional song, listening to Christmas music, or even singing Christmas carols on Christmas Day for the neighborhood to listen to. One instance comes to mind that brings over fifty thousand people each year to one location, and over a million watching live in local theaters. This is where over fifty groups from all over the world have performed all summer long, trained day on and day off over 16 hours a day in blazing hot weather, and come together one final day to put everything that they learned together for one final event called Drum Corps International World Championships.
Now day’s people consider paintings an art, whereas everyday objects that stand out are simply passed by, such as buildings, music, and even sports. Drum Corps interprets both sports and art together by having 135 people march around a field and fast speed playing music that can be heard five miles way. Although it does not stop here, each of the forms that each person blends in to make are created along with the music and tempo of the music to mean something, for instance in 2003, the Cavaliers would create the fastest show ever played in history, when the music was loud and fast they would be running across the field from one spot to another, where in the ballet they would move slow and even sit down on the field. Incorporated in this whole process would be the guard to use flags, and other items to persuade the mood of the show.
Along with the basic movements and visual detail of a show, a further detailed picture is displayed within everyone there. It’s the amount of work behind the creations, the visual director who creates the drill for the field based on the music, the staff member who arranges the music and sometimes writes their own...

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