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The Success Of The Got Milk? Campaign

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The Success of the Got Milk? Campaign

Judging from the results of studies milk has a lack of portability,
not enough flavour variety and not thirst-quenching or refreshing
contrary to what sodas can bring. Moreover, one of the weak points was
the lack of advertising. Admittedly milk is linked with other daily
food products such as cereals or cookies, everybody knows that milk is
good for health. But people aren't aware enough that they could not
live without that product. They are not conscious that they need milk
to live daily. The consumption of milk has become more a reflex than
something else: people don't think about it until you make notice that
it is an essential product, as the test shows it (by depriving them of
milk). It was important to make people think about the "milk time".

The solution was therefore to make people think about the consequences
living without drinking milk. The only solution was to show people in
the situation of "milk deprivation" in the ads.

The success of this campaign is due to the fact that it reminded
people that milk is essential, necessary for their daily lives. This
campaign shows the importance of this product in a household, because
people consume milk at different time of the day and of the life but
they are not conscious of their dependence to the milk.

As consumer have been able to see people in "milk deprivation" we can
say that this campaign was based on a "pull" strategy and not to a
"push" strategy. In fact people were really touched by this campaign
because it made them think about their milk consumption and realize
what could be their lives without it.

2. What are the current objectives of the "Got Milk?" campaign? What
audiences does the campaign target?

The milk industry faced two main problems: on the one hand, the
consumption has being decreasing for 15 years and that of the
competitors (especially soft drinks) has being increasing of nearly
80% during the same period. on the other hand, people seem to have
forgotten the necessity of drinking of milk.

The objectives of the "Got Milk" campaign were therefore to show that
a normal life without this drink was impossible and to make them
"think about it and answer the question for themselves". So this
campaign didn't emphasised neither the advantages of milk among other
beverages (because people already know them), nor the pleasure people
can have by drinking milk, but, on the contrary, it highlighted the
disadvantages, the lack of pleasure of a life without milk.

The aim of this campaign was not to say "soft drinks are detrimental
to heath" but "milk is essential to health". People who received the
campaign were confronted of a "milk deprivation" situation or so to
speak a sort of testimony, that is why they could find alone the
answer, of the question the...

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