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Successful can be defined as “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like” (Collins, 1993). However, for the purpose of this report the focus is on financial wealth and how young people attain such wealth through personal qualities and an innovative idea. This report will also focus on two young men whom youth today believe are successful (survey response 13).
There are 24 million millionaires (Brooklyn, 2011) around the globe all with different stories, ways and qualities that lead to their success in the business world. By thoroughly researching the topic of young millionaires it was clear that the most significant people that created a major impact on their respective industries are Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook and Michael Dell founder of Dell Computers. Both showed great qualities such as the ability to think of an innovative idea, a hard-working ethos, risk taking and determination from as early as 12 years old which ultimately shaped their future. Today, they are prime examples of young people who “made it big” and are looked up to by many aspiring businessmen.
For a young person to establish themselves as successful from an early age the most significant thing they could possess is an innovative, original idea to shine in a field where nobody has been before. This can be seen when one of the most recognised and successful young billionaire to this day Mark Zuckerberg (Thompson, 2008) stumbled upon Facebook when he created an infamous website during his sophomore year called “Facemash” a “hot or not” application based on Harvard University students. The idea behind this application was to retrieve student images from the Harvard database displaying them side-by-side on the site asking visitors to vote on who was more attractive. Mark showed confidence in releasing a product that would create great controversy and demonstrated knowledge of his own skills in undertaking a project that potentially could have been detrimental to his education. The risk payed off and the site was a success with over 450 unique people visiting over 2 weeks who in total voted 22,000 times (Carlson, 2010).
It is clear that Mark took significant risks to create Facemash which later on proved to be a vital quality in the foundation of his empire. As a result of this action, Mark gained the attention of three fellow students who approached him to create a site for them called “Harvard Connection”. He agreed to write their code but eventually proceeded in writing his own social application naming it “The Facebook” which was released before Harvard Connection on February 4th 2004 (Carlson, 2010). In doing this Mark demonstrated qualities such as risk taking, confidence and the ability to see an opportunity.
Through taking such a big risk and releasing The Facebook before Harvard Connection Mark landed himself in court not long after which ended in a $65 million dollar settlement (Carlson, 2010) (60 Minutes, 2008). However, this was a minor...

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