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The Triumph Of The Congress Of Vienna

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The Congress of Vienna was a series of conferences held in Vienna, from 1814-1815. In which many European heads of government met to establish long-lasting piece, preventing revolution and any other nations from becoming to powerful, on the European continent after the defeat of Napoleon. Even though many countries came together to discus an issue, “the Congress of Vienna was more successful than many other peace meetings in history” (Beck, 241). The most influential of these representatives was the foreign minister of Austria, Prince Klemens von Metternich (Beck, 238). An additional great influential representative was the French foreign minister Prince Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand, who was sent behalf of the French monarchy (Mikaberidze, 1047). The Congress of Vienna played an important role of creating peace in the European continent after the Napoleonic War, with two significant foreign ministers of two nations, Prince Klemens von Metternich of Austria and Prince Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand of France.
Most of the decisions in the Congress of Vienna were made by the “great-powers,” which included, Russia, Prussia, Great Britain, Austria and France from the Treaty of Chaumont, on the 1st of March 1814, which clarified “Allied war aims and made provisions for a future European Settlement. Later on, the Treaty of Paris, on the 30th of May 1814, “provided for convening of a conference at Vienna to create a new political order in Europe based on the principles of legitimacy” (Mikaberidze, 1047). Towards the end of September 1814, many delegates were beginning to arrive in Vienna. Foreign minister Klemens Fürst Metternich represented Austria, Duke of Wellington and Richard Le Poer Trench represented Great Britain. “The Prussian delegation was led by Karl Fürst von Hardenberg, the chancellor representing King Frederick William II and the French foreign minster Prince Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand was sent on behalf of the French monarchy” (Mikaberidze, 1047). “The representatives in the Congress of Vienna wanted to prevent France’s aggression by surrounding France with stronger nations, restore balance of power, so no country would be a threat to others and restore Europe’s royal families to the thrones they head held before Napoleon’s coquets” (Beck, 239). In order to make the weak nations around France stronger, the former Austrian Netherlands and Dutch Republic were united to form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. “Group of 39 German states were loosely joined as the newly create German confederation, dominate by Austria. Leaders of Europe wanted to weaken France, but also didn’t want to leave it powerless. If they did, the French might rebel to take revenge but if France became weaker and was broken up, another country might become so strong that it would threaten them all. France remained a major but diminished European powers” (Beck, 239). Nevertheless, not all-important decisions were made by the great powers.
“Most influential of these...

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