The Trouble With Testosterone And The Biology Of The Human Predicament By Robert M. Sapolsky

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Many behavioral biologists seek answers to the mysterious interactions between the human’s minds and bodies. Robert M. Sapolsky, American neurosurgeon, neuroscientist, professor of biology at Stanford University, researcher and author of the book The Trouble With Testosterone and Other Essays on the Biology of the Human Predicament. This book shows the reader why people act the way they do and what goes on when an event occurs. Sapolsky covered many topics about the human body and brain and how they are related to his area of research. There are many crucial topics that are interesting, but we will only discuss The Night You Ruined Your Pajamas and Measures of Life in this essay.
Almost everyone in this world has gone through a stage in life called puberty. In the chapter The Night You Ruined Your Pajamas, Sapolsky debates why human and animals go through puberty early or late. In addition, he clarifies that the environment has lot to do with the development of puberty. In this book’s section, I have noticed the author using ethos, pathos and logos in his writing. For pathos, Sapolsky claims to that it is normal to go through puberty late or early. He refers to theories by psychologist Jay Belsky, anthropologist Patricia Draper of Penn State and psychologist Laurence Steinberg of Temple University to provide credibility, ethos. To conclude what he believes might be true, Sapolsky includes a few examples of logos by providing research done on animals such as mouse, orangutans, and antelopes. This research on female animal has shown that growing up with another male or without a male has a tremendous effect on their puberty development. Essentially, this whole chapter talks about stable versus opportunistic environments and how pheromones affect the timing of puberty. A stable environment for animals means the condition they are living in is stable. However, if the environment is prosperous with food, water and shelter, there will not be a competition to survive, and they will reproduce accordingly. But when conditions get rougher, tragedy becomes unpredictable. Food, water and shelter become scarce. Therefore, animals reproduce as much as they can in hopes that some kin would survive and carry on. In contrast, female human beings may face different timing for puberty’s onset due to stable versus opportunistic living conditions. Research by psychologist Jay Belsky and Laurence Steinberg backs up this idea that lack of family presence, especially the father, will lead to earlier menstruation. As a result, they have decided that an unstable living environment with a lot of psychological stress will speed up the puberty’s onset. This theory was questioned throughout the scientific world, yet I can also back it up with a story. I was born and raised and was fortunate enough to live with both of my parents; however my oldest sister ran away when she was 15, which was before I was born. Her name was Jasmine; she grew up like a normal child with a loving...

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