The Troubled Life Of Ernest Hemingway Reflected In His Writing

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The Troubled Life of Ernest Hemingway Reflected in His Writing

The period between World War I and World War II was a very turbulent time in America. Ernest Hemingway most represented this period with his unrestrained lifestyle. This lifestyle brought him many successes, but it eventually destroyed him in the end. His stories are read in classrooms across America, but his semi-autobiographical writings are horrible role models for the students who read them. Hemingway’s lifestyle greatly influenced his writings in many ways.

Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21st 1899. His place of birth was Oak Park, Chicago. There are many places in Oak Park commemorating his life. Ernest was the second of six kids. He was born at 8:00 at 439 Oak Park Avenue in his grandpa’s house. He weighed nine and half pounds and he was twenty-three inches tall. When Ernest was seven weeks old, his family moved to Bear Lake where his dad had bought the house the summer before. Many of the short stories that he wrote later in life were set here (Life and Works 2).

Ernest enjoyed a semi-normal childhood. His dad, Clarence Edmunds was a physician and his mom, Grace Hall, was a music teacher. His dad was also an excellent outdoorsman. His mom was very talented in the field of music, but gave it up to raise a family (DISCovering). His mom was not a normal mom though. She constantly humiliated his dad. Ernest believed she drove her dad to kill himself. This had an impact on him later in his life (McDowell 13).

As Ernest started high school, he was very insecure about his size. He was only five feet four inches tall. This contributed to his need to always be masculine. This problem did not last long though, as he quickly hit a growth spurt. While in high school he did many things such as play football and played the cello in the school band (Baker 17-19). Ernest also wrote for the school newspaper, which was his initiation into the world of writing. He also began writing short stories during high school. He spent the summers during high school at Walloon Lake in Michigan. This would be the setting of many of his short stories later in his life (Perkins 438).

After Ernest graduated from high school, he either wanted to join the armed forces or write. Of course, his dad wanted him to go to college. His dad forbid him to go to World War I also. In 1917, he decided to apply for a job at The Kansas City Star as a journalist. He got the job and moved to Kansas City (Life and Works 3). He only made $15 a week while he worked for the newspaper (Parry 865). He lived with his uncle when he first arrived in Kansas City. He later moved into an apartment with Carl Edgar. While working for The Star, he covered many interesting stories such as The Police, The Union Station, and The General Hospital. His first training job was on stolen goods, crimes and accidents. He also wrote about the many famous people who came through The Union Station. Ernest worked very hard to improve...

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