The Troubled Life Of Boys; The Bully In The Mirror

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When you look in the mirror you see your imperfections. You see your perceived flaws; things that nobody else recognizes about you and you think that there has to be some way to change it. In today’s world, society places impossible standards on the way you’re supposed to look and recently young American males in their teen age years have become increasingly self-conscious about their physical appearance. In the article “The Troubled Life of Boys; The Bully in the Mirror” author Stephen Hall investigates the changes and causes of the increase in males becoming concerned with wanting to be more muscular.
Over the years even action figures have gotten larger muscles, so much so that they are to proportions physically impossible to obtain. Every time you turn the corner, your eyes are drawn to some advertisement that shows a man with his shirt off, muscular and defined. “There is no way to plug popular culture into an equation and see what effect it has on mass psychology, of course, but there is widespread sentiment that these provocative images of buff males have really upped the ante for boys,” (Hall). Stephen Hall believes that increasing standards have been set on how a person should look and are starting to take a stronger hold in adolescent boys. The desire to look bigger and more muscular is becoming a common theme in boys starting when puberty begins. In one case in particular, Hall reveals the story of Alexander, a 16 year old that had started out a whopping 210 pounds at only five foot six the year earlier. He was picked on for being overweight and became so self-conscious and disgusted with the way he looked that one day he decided to make a dramatic transformation. That day had given him the initiative he needed. He had begun to work out and change his diet and soon he morphed into a muscular youth. The girls noticed him now and he was no longer picked on. Alexander became popular and gained more friends simply based on the way he looked, which in a way depressed him because he had to get this certain look in order for people to realize who he really was. This reinforces what Hall believes because it shows that in order to fit in you have to look a...

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