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Why Nuclear Power Plants Need To Be Shut Down

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"Disaster of Fukushima shows that nuclear energy is highly unsafe so, all around the world need to learn from the accident in Fukushima. We need to realize this accident can happen anywhere in the world." (Rianne Tuele, Radiation expert in Green Peace). Originally nuclear energy announced as an alternative energy that is cheap, clean, and safe compare to other existing energy. Therefore, some people insist the nuclear power plants must be kept open but, I disagree with three reasonable safety reasons.
Firstly, opponents believe that active trades between countries and the country with based source of nuclear power influence positively in politics around the world. However, we all are aware of how powerful nuclear energy is and have fear deep inside in the nuclear power state. For examples, the country with nuclear energy could raise an enormous threat if relationship between countries goes wrong. According to Keonghan News (2013), North Korea is one of 5 countries that is holding nuclear power and also they regularly threats U.S. and South Korea to show off their power and scares us that they will attack with the nuclear weapon if we do not listen to their covetous unfair demanding. It shows owning the energy could make the relationship between countries more tense and troublesome.
Secondly, they insist the nuclear and radiation accident hardly happens to effect environment. World first nuclear power plant built in 1951 and until now there were only 10 times of accident all around the countries. However, the importance is not how many times the accidents occurred. The exposure of the radiation itself whether the amount is little or large that could seriously affect our nature and that is what we need to consider. For instance, If a nuclear power plants get out of control it could harm eco-environment with not only deformed but also, cancers, leukemia, and mutation. According to Jungang Ilbo(2013), “There was the most severe leakage accident in the nuclear power plant in...

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