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The True Affects Of Democratization On Middle Eastern Countries

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Since the end of World War II, American policy has dictated the promotion of democracy on an international stage. The U.S. Department of State states, “Democracy not only promotes such fundamental American values such as religious freedom and worker rights, but also helps create a more secure, stable, and prosperous global arena.” In following this policy America has engaged in a myriad of efforts ranging from the successful assistance of Greece, to the poorly viewed conflicts in Vietnam, and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan. Until recently, my opinions of the Iraqi and Afghani conflicts were that each was poorly conducted and must have had a negative affect of the lives of those living in the country. With most of the coverage of the changes in the region being negative my view was that the lives of those in the region must have been undergoing unfavorable affects from their democratizations.
This mindset caused me to question whether or not the United States should continue to intervene in the affairs of foreign nations, and as such, I decided to look in depth at the countries of the Middle East that have undergone recent democratic transition. This grouping of countries consisted of the oft spoken of Iraq and Afghanistan, which transitioned through US intervention, as well as Tunisia, which underwent a much more organic process of democratization brought about naturally by their own people. In accordance with my original mindset, I anticipated Tunisia to undergo improvement in aspects ranging from economic to social, and as such, I predicted Iraq and Afghanistan would fail in those same aspects. However, I was surprised when I found that all three countries underwent great improvement in nearly all measurements of quality of life. In all three circumstances, the growth by the countries was greater than the mean of all Middle Eastern countries. Though it would take many more years to truly determine, as these countries are still in the infancy of their democracies, this data could be used to identify democracy as the most effective form of government in the modern world.
The economic well being of a country is one of the most useful ways to determine how well a country is functioning and if said country operates successfully on a global scale as a developed nation. The most notable of the economic indicators is that of GNI (Gross National Income). By measuring the growth rate of GNI these countries throughout their democratization it is inspiring to see the rate of increase that each underwent. Being the least aged of the democracies, Tunisia has a much smaller amount of data from which to read; however, this small amount still shows positive change. Data from the World Bank shows that since Tunisia’s democratic revolution their GNI per capita (Gross National Income) has risen from $4,100 to $4,150 as of 2012 (the most recent data given by the World Bank in all circumstances). This change was exponentially more positive in Iraq and...

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