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The True Gift Of Katy A Story Of How Katy, Texas Brought Happiness To An Immigrant Family

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Qui Le lived in Saigon, the capital of Vietnam. He was part of a full-size family that ran a simple family business of crafting and selling wooden figurines. The Le Figurine Collection was comprised of toy soldiers, heroes of courage, and truculent villains. Everything was great in the early sixties; Qui was married and was planning on having children. But evil was lurking in the north; the communists began to rise in Vietnam.Everyone’s life changed when the Vietnam War embarked on its path of destruction. Most of Qui’s relatives stayed in the country, with a few exceptions that planned to take refuge in the United States. Believing in hope, Qui and his close family decided to wait until the conflict ceased, to further evaluate his situation. The Communist Viet Cong soldiers were ruthless. They slaughtered any South Vietnamese civilian in sight. Communism was a terrible government; it was built on dictatorship and brainwashing propaganda; individuality and freedom were rejected and lives were often destroyed at the whim of a tyrant.The buffeting, slaughtering, and fierce fighting between good and evil raged on for months. Qui’s wife suggested immigration. Qui glanced at his wife, and flipped the dining room table and tossed it towards the window. He grunted under his breath, “I will not abandon my country! I have lived here all my life!”Unfortunately, the smell of victory seeped into the noses of the evil Communists. Soon after South Vietnam’s bitter defeat, Qui considered his options. Callous Viet Cong soldiers roamed the streets of what was once Saigon. Legal papers were required to be filled out any time a person was to go anywhere. Qui knew that this was not the Vietnam he loved. His homeland was contaminated. He finally decided that it was time to come to America.Although booking a flight to America was a difficult task, the Le family was granted permission in 1991. Qui, his wife, and his two children, Dung and Dat, boarded the jumbo plane for the long flight to the land of opportunity. Qui’s brother-in-law in New Jersey was happy to take them in until they found a place to live on their own.Jobs were not great in...

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