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Hercules, Perseus, Theseus, and Achilles are all known as epic or homeristic heroes. They have all had their legendary battles and journeys that have classified them as an epic hero. Epic heroes all have good and bad qualities, for example Hercules is known as the strongest man in the world, but he is not that smart. Odysseus is a great example of an epic hero. He is smart, strong, and protected by gods and goddesses, but he does have faults in his actions considering he is only just a mortal. In Homer’s book, The Odyssey, Homer shows how Odysseus is truly an epic hero, by showing his journey back home to Ithaca.
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Countless times Telemachus tried and failed. When Penelope’s suitors would not go away she told them that the man that could string her husband’s bow and shoot an arrow through the openings of twelve axes, she would marry him. One by one the men tried and failed, but then came Odysseus, disguised as an old beggar. He strung the bow on the first try and shot the arrow perfectly through the axes (Homer 235-242). Odysseus did not only show physical strength, but he also showed mental strength. Odysseus did not give up on his journey back to Ithaca, even though he had many difficult obstacles. But Odysseus showed that is mental strength could be tempted with lust. Odysseus shared five years with Circe in her bed, and another couple with the goddess Calypso in hers. He did not think twice about the fact that he was worried that Penelope was not staying faithful to him, but he had spent many years sleeping with other women.
Being intelligent and smart are not the only things to make one an epic hero. Relationships with the gods and goddesses are also traits of an epic hero. Considering that Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war, it is a no brainer that Odysseus is her favorite hero. “Her [Athena] old feeling for him [Odysseus] had returned; she was determined...

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