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The True Image Of Islam: Religion Isn't Violent, People Are

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September 11, 2001 was and still is a national day of mourning for every race and religion that endeavored the attacking of the Twin Towers by the Radical Muslim group, Al Qaeda “Reaction to 911”(1). Modern Muslims were appalled by the reprehensible actions of Al Qaeda. But the majority of Muslims that were not affiliated with Al Qaeda or any radical Muslim groups were verbally and mentally attacked by non-Muslims after the tragedy of 911 “Reaction to 911” (1). The image that certain non-Muslims instilled in themselves and others are incorrect given that the media only reveals the acts of radical Muslims rather than showing the peaceful Muslims of today (Shafaat, 1).
There is sect or school of radical Muslims that are known as Khawarjj that have added a sixth pillar to the original five pillars of Islam (Patung, 1). The five pillars of Islam that Muslims follow are believing in god, praying, charity, fasting in Ramadan, and completing the pilgrimage (Bowker, 1). However, the Khawarjj added the sixth pillar called Jihad. Jihad is an Arabic word from the Holy Quran which stands for struggle. Fundamentalists have changed the meaning of Jihad to stand for a holy war. The prophet of Islam. Mohamed, and his followers had a Holy war with the people of Mecca which was only for defense. Groups such Al Qaeda, Hamas, Muslim brotherhood and other extremists have used the meaning Jihad to manipulate Muslim people to attack the people they call “non-believers”.
Furthermore, the radical Muslim groups manipulate versus such as, “Jihad is ordained for you (Muslims), though you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and like a thing which is bad for you. But God knows, and you know not” (Al Adl, 1). The use of Jihad in the verse is incorrect and the actual word that is in the place of Jihad is Quital. Quital is an Arabic word that refers to physical combat in war (Al Adl, 1). The verse is for Muslims to defend themselves in combat or to stand up for their rights and others. Therefore, radical Muslims have preached incorrect versus to gain what they call “martyrs”.
The minority of conservative Muslims have taken over the image of Islam due by the media’s biased characteristics (Shafaat, 1). Statistics have proven that the conservative Muslims are handful compared to the vast amount of Modern Muslims that live in peace and prosperity. The statistics of modern Muslims compared to radical Muslims is a major difference in population. The total population of Muslims worldwide is 1.3 billion people and only seven percent of them are fundamentalist (Curtis, 1). However, seven percent of the Muslim population are conservative Muslims does not mean that seven percent of them are terrorists. However, if only seven percent are conservative Muslims and ninety-three percent are modern Muslims. How did conservative Muslims take over the image of Islam?
The media is a biased organization that promotes news that will interest the...

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