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The Real Ken And Barbie Essay

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In the play, "A Doll House", written by Henrik Ibsen, the plot and themes all suggest that the title implies a metaphor rather than an imaginary toy. The benefits of the reader is an example of how a lovely young woman can go from this flawless, Betty Crocker made life, to having everything turned upside down, not having any resemblance to prior situations. This play models more of a real life situation, not a pre ordained Cinderella fairy tale, and throughout the sequence, the main character, Nora, gets deeper and deeper into trials of tribulation.

The meat and potatoes of this play revolves around a small amount, say 4800 crowns, that our damsel borrowed from an awfully suspicious humanitarian who is more than willing to accommodate young Nora. Nora, confused by the oncoming death of her father and her husband's declining health, hastily forges the document. Later on we see that the individual who brokered the deal needs her sympathy or else this document will come under public scrutiny. Then, the "I didn't see that coming", ending shows Nora willing to throw everything down the proverbial crapper all in the name of self discovery.

In the beginning, we could see the well defined structure of this "Doll's House", with a young delectable woman getting hopped up on macaroons. She is very pleasing to the eye, a catch some would say, and has the heart of a newly successful bank manager. Nora's motto is "money", and "gimmie, gimmie, gimmie. Poor Torvald, who is her husband, explains to the anxious spender that gimmie got shot. "Now that you've got a big salary and are going to make piles and piles of money." (211). She wants to buy more for Christmas. This seems to be the happiest Nora is for the duration of the play. Nora's world is a perfect; it comes out of a box, ready made world. She has a maid, beautiful, healthy children, and not a worry in the world

Nora's relationships with the other characters in the story are self serving. When a childhood friend drops by out of the blue, Nora can only provide a smidge of sympathy as she so valiantly describes how her life has been over these many years. Poor Ms. Linde widowed and without, comes to Nora in hopes of securing employment and residence. With a thin veil of, "I could care less", Nora eases Ms. Linde's mind by suggesting she'll talk Torvald into "fitting" her in down at the bank. After going through the spiel about how Nora dreams of, ." old gentlemen fallen in love..." continued with, ."..upon opening his will there in big letters "All my fortune shall be paid over in cash, immediately to the enchanting Mrs. Nora Helmer.."" (222), Mrs. Linde still is there listening to her line, and is more than glad to mend some clothes for her. Nora is not the most balanced friend.

The stench of scandal is thick in the Helmer household. Upon the introduction of the family friend Dr. Rank, both Torvald and Dr. Rank excuse themselves to take care of some personal...

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