The Real Lincoln: A New Look At Abraham Lincoln By Thomas Dilorenzo

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Thomas Dilorenzo was born August 8 , 1954 in Pennsylvania. In The Real Lincoln , Thomas Dilorenzo breaks down the honest agenda and task of Abraham Lincoln. Often Lincoln was looked at as a heroic ender of slavery and a strong protector of our Constitution. Born February 12 , 1809, Lincoln was a very determined and hard working man who was determined to get the job done no matter what it took. Even if some of his choices weren't the safest route to go he would enforce his commands and make sure his goals are reached. DiLorenzo was determined to bring out the truth to the world about our 16th president Lincoln . We've heard a lot about Abe throughout history lessons, books and movies, but how much of those stories are actually accurate .

DiLorenzo is an American economics professor at Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of business. He is a frequent speaker at von Misses Institute events . DiLorenzo has a economics from West Minster College in Pennsylvania. DiLorenzo was born August 8, 1954. His book, Lincoln Unmasked: What you’re not Supposed to know about Dishonest Abe, continues is expropriation be gone in the real Lincoln. He is also the author of How Capitalism saved America, Hamiltons Curse: How Jeffersons Arch Enemy Portrayed the American Revolution – And What It Means For Americans Today.

Chapter One included the introduction . DiLorenzo gives us brief chapter summaries of his book all throughout the introduction. Basically , DiLorenzo was introducing his themes and topics to the readers so that we had an idea of the book. Abe had many fans . Abe was often looked at as a hero but , DiLorenzo questions Abes heroic ways and agenda. Was Abe really a hero or was he a manipulator ? Was he really trying to help free black slaves ? Did he really even care about his citizens and rather or not they were dead or alive ?

In chapter two , DiLorenzo breaks down what Lincolns real intentions were by freeing the slaves. Lincoln never felt as if black people and white people should be equal. Many people thought that Lincoln felt like black people were below whites. DiLorenzo provides us with many quotes from Lincoln stating that he true feeling towards blacks. He wasn’t really trying to free black people he just wanted white people to have the best.

Throughout chapter three , Lincoln wonders if it is really necessary for him to free the slaves. He often weighed his options . Lincoln did not want to free the slaves if it wasn’t necessary for him to. Slaves were freed because slave owners would often resist the rules and task of the army. Offenders also often had their land took. Lincoln did this so that people would respect him and so that he could show that he is in charge and in total control of everything and everyone. Eventually Lincoln realized that his planned would have an effect on the citizens. Death rates went up really high once which made Lincoln want to take even more control and action over the South.


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