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With the title that Ralph Ellison chose for this book one could easily conclude, without even reading it, that the text is science fiction and deals with the super natural. Upon actually reading it however it becomes painfully obvious that the main character of “Invisible Man” is quite visible indeed. Fictional or not, he is a regular human being made of flesh and bone, and he even says so in the first sentences of the book. So how can this black man possibly deem himself invisible? Perhaps this nameless protagonist cannot be blamed completely for this freak occurrence. Maybe the invisibility stems from a lack of sight of the people (mainly white) around him. Those people allow themselves ...view middle of the document...

Three years later as a student at the college the narrator is entrusted with showing Mr. Norton, one of the school’s white trustees, around the campus. Things end up going horribly wrong and as a result the narrator is expelled from the college and is sent to New York, the main location of this story. In New York, Harlem specifically, the narrator eventually becomes a spokesperson for the Brotherhood, an organization which claims to be devoted to the socially oppressed. In conclusion of this point, all throughout the story we read about the narrator as he faces some of the difficulties that come with being a black man, what it might take to bring black people up in society and we learn more about the narrator while on his journey of self-discovery.
If you think about it there is only one real main character in this story, the man that the book is named after of course. After all it is his life that he is telling us about. One could argue that one of the people the invisible man meets in Harlem could be considered a main character. Harlem is indeed where the bulk of the story takes place. But should they really be included, seeing how they were not a part of the events that made the invisible man who he was before he came to Harlem? Bearing that in mind the main character, without a doubt, has to be the man we have never seen.
The invisible man does have a lot of traits to like. He is a very intelligent and gifted speech writer for starters. The way he used the metaphoric symbolism of invisibility to entice and foreshadow the events of his life to the reader as they read shows how he mastered the English language. This invisible scholar also seemed to possess good intentions and ambitions along with his intellect. He wanted to do something that put him in the forefront of the advancement of his people in society. However when you have a sizeable goal it would be harder for you to take it on by yourself.
Perhaps that is where the invisible man went wrong. It is not that he did not allow anyone to help him, on the contrary he allowed the wrong people to help him. Because of his naïveté the invisible man was deceived multiple times into doing the bidding of others under the false pretenses that they would help him achieve his goal. The invisible man was blind, unable to see the intentions of...

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