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The True Meaning Behind That Layer Of Blue Nail Polish

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The True Meaning Behind that Layer of Blue Nail PolishWhen the red-based shades such as pink and orange were the onlytype of nail polish females dared to wear, I remember wondering if inthe near future they'd dare switch to completely new shades such asblue or green. Now that day and age has come when all differentshades of blue can be seen painted on teens' nails. Yet, this new choiceof blue isn't just another craze of the moment. Rather, it symbolizessomething slightly deeper. This latest trend of "blues" not only brokethe barrier of "reds only", but broke the limits of society each girl feltshe had when it came to choosing a simple shade of nail polish.Before, the "rebels" and the "freaks" were the only ones who hadthe guts to wear what it took to get attention and to shock the world.For them shades of nail polish whether they were blue, black, or glitterhave never been an issue of inappropriateness. Those who were lesseccentric when it came to expressing their exterior image stayed withthe "acceptable" red tones.Now that blue nail polish is the latest manicurean craze, both thetamest and the wildest adolescents together are donning the shade.When asked why they choose to wear this latest cerulean shade of nailpolish, many give back similar responses such as: "It looks cool"; "If Iwore red I would just feel like another ordinary person, but if people seeyour blue nail polish, they do a double-take"; "It's a little new,something different".Unfortunately, many youths have been raised in a society wherethey have been conditioned to fear doing anything that will have themcome across as a freak to others. In today's society, nail polish is one ofthe few things that come between the limits of someone who may beconsidered a "dull dresser" or a "freak-show". It is understandable whythe more all-around fashion-conscious youths might be attracted to anew trend of accessory. A theory can evolve, however, from the otherkind of youths who don't express their inner-selves fully through theirapparel. It is possible that these girls may feel more at ease leaking outtheir wild streak through the most subtle way they know how - nailpolish. You can dress normally and still wear wild nail polish, yet noone will consider you a freak because of your flashy nails."My parents hate it." This factor alone may be an invitation foryouths to wear blue nail polish. It is a fairly innocent approach ofrebellion against the parents (and elders in general) for those who aren'tlooking for anything drastic that will get their parents totally worked upin a rage. Yeah, so to the older ones blue may seem like an odd choicefor nails, but what can the parents do - strap their daughter's hands tothe table and remove the damn polish with cotton swabs and polishThe True Meaning Behind that Layer of Blue Nail PolishWhen the red-based shades such as pink and orange were the onlytype of nail polish females dared to wear, I remember wondering if inthe near future they'd dare switch to...

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