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The True Merchandise Essay

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We are constantly being bombarded with media messages about what to buy, what to think, the new trends and latest style. However, these advertisements not only sell us products but they also sell us ideas. These ideas influence how we think about the world, and how we construct decisions. Everyday advertisers will make contemplative decisions on what visuals, texts and sounds best represent a product. Most advertisements are designed to reach a specific audience- defined by age, gender, class, interests and other factors. By deconstructing a media message, it becomes more apparent as to who created the message and who is intended to receive it. Through deconstruction a media message can be exposed; showing the values and biases of the media makers and uncover underlying powerful messages. Sony Ericsson, a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company, has used various techniques to display their new product, the C905 Cybershot, a high quality camera phone. Techniques which connote numerous discourse, like class, sex appeal, chauvinism and sexual power.
Through analysis of this advertisement it is evident that these aforementioned discourses are presented. At first glance, the advertisement appears to promote the new Sony C905 Cybershot’s quality, however, upon further analysis it becomes evident that the main purpose of this ad is overshadowed by the chauvinistic insulting metaphor for sex appeal, power and chauvinism.
The Sony Ericsson’s Cybershot phone advertisement appeared in the December issue of FHM. FHM is an acronym for “For Him Magazine”. Discovering this, one wonders if there is a connection between the advertisements image and the magazine it appeared in. The marketing director, David Hilton, chose to represent Sony Ericsson’s newest addition with a photograph of a nearly exposed woman possessing the phone close to her body. The model’s eyes hidden and lips perked. From the images presented, this ad suggests that by discovering this phone popularity amongst women is created. The advertisement states “This whole page was shot on the mobile itself.” One may interpret this as a metaphor for woman willing to be photographed nearly naked using this phone. By advertising an ad possessing a barely clothed woman eyes covered with a promiscuous expression, in a men’s magazine, promotes sexual appeal. As signifiers the facial expression, and body position connotes a sexual desire. The advertiser’s use of the image of the “picture perfect” woman tends to stereotype women and be bias towards men.
The main focus of this advertisement is a young, white, thin barely clothed woman. Notice the woman’s eyes are not photographed, only her glowing body in a brassiere. This final decision by the marketers to capture an image like this perpetuates gender identity stereotypes. Culture determines gender roles and what is masculine or feminine calling them stereotypes. Stereotypically, women are often expected to be passive and submissive. By...

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