The Real Reason So Few Women Are In The Boardroom, By Marty Nemko

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In “The Real Reason So Few Women are in the Boardroom,” Marty Nemko states the reasons why men are more prosperous in the workplace. He says that men choose work over personal relationships, and women often choose personal over business. Although Nemko uses rhetorical strategies to make good points about why some men are more successful in the workplace than women, he unnecessarily downgrades women about the decisions they make to be more family oriented.
Marty Nemko makes a few logical points in this article. Nemko feels that men are more successful in the workplace; his reason being is that women prioritize differently. Considering the fact that, “men aren’t as concerned about a tastefully decorated sparkling clean home.” This is important because he is saying that instead of spending more time at the office; women choose to place their priorities on more personal matters, such as keeping their home clean.” He then goes to say, if business owners make the workplace more family oriented and less professional, more jobs will be shipped offshore and overseas. This example shows that if Americans are not making their careers their main priority, their jobs will be taken away, and given to someone else that will choose work over family. At the beginning of “The Real Reason So Few Women are in the Boardroom,” he says that “women are rated as slightly better managers than men.” But then contradicts himself by saying, women have to make a choice between “working long and smart or accept a lower level job in exchange for work life.” This is important because he contradicts himself, if women are better managers than men; they should not have to choose between a lower level job and a long work week because they should be able to succeed at both.
While comparing women to men Nemko constantly plays with women’s emotions, as he downgrades and disrespects their choices, morals, and priorities. Not only does Nemko seem to degrade women, but he also degrades their choices in this article. Nemko states that, “on average, it is women more than men, who want to have children.” By him saying this it could possibly come off to a female as hurtful and/or disrespectful. Then he goes on to say, “the woman should play the role of the primary caretaker, while the man in the family acts as the provider.” In this statement is seems as if Nemko is saying that women are not capable of being the main provider in the family, and if the roles were switched the outcome would be unsuccessful. This statement could also be offensive, because it seems sexist. It seems like Nemko is saying women trick men into having a baby, so they deserve to raise them alone. Then he says that women should also take care of all of the house work, while the man is away. So, because women care more about children and chores, they have to sacrifice their own career and if a company employs more hardworking, family oriented women their company is taking a chance at becoming unsuccessful; because...

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