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The Real Side Of Detroit: The Diverse City

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Detroit is a very well-known and diverse city. “Somewhere behind its neglected, graffiti covered skyscrapers are charming reminders of a city that was once among the world’s wealthiest” (Gray). This city has been through a lot. Detroit was first founded by the French in 1701 and then used as a fur trade post. Jumping a little in the future, it has had riots and protest for equal rights among its busy streets. Detroit is also known as the Motor City. “By the mid-twentieth century one in every six working Americans was employed directly or indirectly by the automotive industry” (Sugrue). Yet after everything this city has endured Detroit is thought of as a place of fear. It has a lot of history and has a lot to offer if people would let it. Many may say that Detroit is nothing but slum, crime, and drugs but that is not the case. It is not just another run down city or a place to fear. Detroit is simply a work of art. The graffiti buildings and painted houses all tell a story to civilians to what it has been through. Even in this current century it has many things to offer, including lived bands playing for free on the river walk, the winter blast with arts and crafts going on and ice sculptures, and much more. Most do not give Detroit the hour of the day before simply judging it on news and what they hear. Detroit has much to offer and show if a person would view and participate in it the right manner. Detroit is a city that is very diverse, it has been through riots, being the motor city and now a looked down upon city.
Detroit’s poverty rate in Detroit is so high because of the crime rate. Houses are on the markets for as low as a dollar. (Detroit: The Last Days) No one wants to buy houses because of all the stories they hear. Whenever a person hears of Detroit they think of fighting, drugs, and poor education. This has resulted in house not only being on the market for numerous years but being listed at unbelievable low prices. This has dragged the economy even further down. The main cause of all this madness is crime. Crime has been and still is going on in Detroit quite frequently. One main cause is drugs being a big use and huge demand in the inner city.(Detroit: The Last Days) “Law and order has completely broken down in the inner city, drugs and prostitution are rampant and unless you actually murder someone the police will leave you alone”(Detroit: The Last Days). Drugs were brought into the Detroit city very early and have never left; in fact the problem has just gotten worse. Many in the inner city turn to drugs either for money or to ease the pain of their problem lives. These people think it will help but instead it is causing more problems instead of helping. Therefore it keeps going, many young children now days are getting involved younger and younger because they are forced to believe it is the only way of survival in such a corrupt environment like the projects in Detroit. If drugs stay such a constant problem Detroit will...

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