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“Marrero and Verdasco mixed up net and baseline play to negotiate a break of the Stepanek serve to 30 for a 5-4 lead in the first set.” This is the language of tennis and this is what I belong to. I’m a big tennis fan and also a tennis player. I will watch every single match in the ATP world tour final and the World Cup of Tennis. Tennis match gets me excited and bursts my fire inside my heart. I love tennis so I join tennis team in high school and in college. Tennis has made a significant impact to the world and unlike other sports, each member has their own unique ranking in the team, ranking is essential for each tennis team member. From No.1 to the last number, every player will fight for their highest ranking and try to challenge the one above their number. Tennis is cruel and challenging, but that is why I love it.
First, from the introduction you can notice that tennis use different language than the normal speaking way. We use score and position to explain player position in the match. For example, “Marrero and Verdasco mixed up net and baseline play”, from this report we could know Marrero and Verdasco are teammate and played on the position of net spot and baseline spot and switched their position all the time. Net spot is the position from the front and close to the net that right on the middle. Baseline spot is at the far back from the court but close to the baseline. In other word, Marrero is on the front and Verdasco is on the back. Second part of the report, “To negotiate a break of the Stepanek serve to 30”, this is mean Marrero and Verdasco try to stop Stepanek to achieve more points after Stepanek serve to 30. Serve to 30 here means the second point obtain by who is serving. A serve in tennis is a shot to start a point and each team take turn to serve. Point is layout by 15, 30, 40, deuce and advance. In this situation, Marrero and Verdasco are trying to win points after 30 point by Stepanek’s serving round. The last information in the report is “A 5-4 lead in the first set”. “5-4 lead” which mean score 5 to 4, the winner score for each set is 6 for no tie, 7 for deuce in the last round. Tennis match usually have 5 set and winner win by 3 set ahead the opponent, this may vary in high school tennis and official match. Therefore, we can get so much information just from one sentence report. Languages of tennis are precise and short to explain the match accurately.
Tennis is challenging, every player is try to challenge the best they can achieve. In tennis’s world, ace shot and jump shot are what we desire to achieve in the match. Only strong player can play ace shot and jump shot. Ace shot is strike the ball with maximum force and take more chances with ball placement. These two shots are powerful and nearly impossible to play back from the opponent. And these shots require hardworking on training and talent on tennis. It’s honor and proud that someone can play ace shot several times during the match. Ace shot will motivate a...

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