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The Real Tragedy Of "Romeo And Juliet" Is That Everyone Loses

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In Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, it was said that the real tragedy is that everyone loses. Clearly the theme of loss frequently confronts each character in their own ways such as their death, loved ones death and star-crossed love. However it is most strikingly developed through the main characters; Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, Mercutio, Capulet and Montague who seem to be affected by the theme of lost much more personally than other characters. Yet, throughout the play there are traces of optimistic themes such as love and friendship shown in various scenes featuring these same characters. Even though it many seem that Romeo and Juliet has a tragic ending, many if not all the characters lived new experiences showing that they haven't lost everything; the journey is more important than the end. Hence it is incorrect to say that the real tragedy of the play is that everyone loses.Throughout the play Romeo experiences various forms of lost and also numerous bouts of optimistic emotions. When Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo lost his best friend to death and also unwillingly caused his best friend's death by not duelling with Tybalt himself. Furthermore due to Romeo's inaction he lost Mercutio's faith in him just before the death.The death of a loved one is also something Romeo deals with in the play. When he discovered that Juliet had passed away he feels that life means nothing without her and he sets out to join Juliet in the tomb. He feels the pain of knowing the one person who he truly loves is dead, creating irrational thinking, which in turn kills him.Even though many events lead to death and loss for Romeo he has also experienced the feeling of love, which many people search for their whole lives but cannot find. The feeling itself is one that is precious and may only happen once a lifetime. Love brightened Romeo's life greatly as before Juliet he was suffering from heartache over Rosaline, therefore his love for Juliet is one to be cherished. We see throughout the play that Romeo's love for Juliet is strong and pure, even when he is told about Juliet's death he goes to join her, as Romeo feels that he cannot live without her. I still will stay with thee, and never from with palace of dim night depart again. Act 5, Scene 3, Line 106. Thus through Romeo's experiences of lost and love it seems as though love has conquered all showing that even though Romeo died he experienced love, which is a rare gift.Juliet has suffered greatly from Romeo's banishment and death, firstly having to take poison to avoid being married to Paris and then waking up to find her loved one drinking poison and dying. From this she has lost the person she loved and in turn kills herself with a dagger to join him in death. Juliet feels how Romeo felt; they cannot live without each other.At the Capulet party Juliet falls in love with Romeo...

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