The True Transcendetalist Essay

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Throughout the years there has been multiple different types of American literary movements. Like the Puritan which was a time of when people wrote personal poems, journals, and their personal diaries. The next is Enlightenment period was a time in which it was mostly about science and logic also it included political writings. Another wonderful literary movement is the Romanticism which was filled with emotion, individuality, and nature. But one of the greatest literary movements the one that will be focused on is transcendentalism. Transcendentalism is intuition and individual conscience that helps lead to the truth. When transcendentalism began to start two people played a major role ...view middle of the document...

Those essays helped show other writers to go their own way and not to follow what their predecessors did. Emerson started on one path at by going to Harvard University and then teaching, but he decided that he didn’t like it so he went to become a minister. Then after the death of his first wife he left being a minister. So that shows Emerson is expressing his individuality by changing his life on his own not just following one path that others set for him.

Henry David Thoreau was born in Concord, Massachusetts on July 12, 1817. Thoreau went to Harvard University and studied Latin, Greek, and German. Thoreau grew up with three siblings. An older brother, and sister as well as a younger sister. During the 1840’s Thoreau began to write poems with his mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson. In 1845 Thoreau began his famous stay at Walden pond. Which then led Thoreau to write his famous work Walden. Thoreau’s work Walden helped show his views on transcendentalism, civil disobedience, and being an abolitionist. Thoreau was also remember for his philosophical and naturalist. After graduating from Harvard in 1838 Thoreau faced struggles on what to do with his life. Then Thoreau and his brother John created a school for a while until John became ill then the school collapsed. Thoreau then went to work with his father who operated a pencil factory. Thoreau learned about transcendentalism from Emerson which help him realize impractical thinking and spiritual matter rather than the physical world. Besides Thoreau’s famous “Walden” he also wrote a few other essay one of the being “Slavery in Massachusetts”. Thoreau wouldn’t really know that much about transcendentalism or what it is if it wasn’t for Emerson. Sence Thoreau learned what transcendentalism from Emerson he truly experienced it when he spent his two years staying at Walden pond. While he was staying at Walden pond Thoreau studied the nature around the pond. From Thoreau's experiences it helps prove that he was a transcendentalist.

Everybody has similarities and differences from everyone. Emerson and Thoreau are two of those people. Whenever people follow others and consider them as their role model they take up the others view. Thoreau viewed Emerson as his role model and took away Emerson’s views. Emerson didn’t consider himself as a transcendentalist but others around him did. From the works of Emerson and the way he changed his life helps prove that he truly was a transcendentalist even though he didn’t think he was. Thoreau was truly a transcendentalist after learning what transcendentalism was and his two year stay at Walden pond. That shows even though people are different they still could be the same.
Even though transcendentalism was inspired from romanticism it still was a unique and changing time in history. The person who was known for creating transcendentalism is Ralph Waldo Emerson. Henry David Thoreau also played an role in creating transcendentalism. Even though it was two...

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