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“Now I was the one under the microscope, the one who had to prove my worthiness” (Hosseini 184). This quote demonstrates the role switch that encourages Amir to change the disloyal person he was previously into the person he is at the novel's end. Hassan is constantlyys tormented by Amir's meaningless “tests” to prove Hassan's loyalty. Now, it is Amir who has to prove to the world, and also to himself that he is worthy of Hassan's endless sincerity and devotion. Khaled Hosseini does an excellent job of portraying this transformation in his writing. Hosseini's novel, The Kite Runner, illustrates the value of loyalty in the relationships between Hassan and Amir, Sanaubar and Sohrab, and Amir and Baba.
First is the relationship between Hassan and Amir. “Hassan never denied me anything” (4) is one of the novel's quotes best describing Hassan's true personality. There is never a doubt in Amir's mind that Hassan will do the right thing and stand up for him. Amir needs Hassan, but the real question is why does Hassan need Amir? One of Hosseini's most important symbols is the pomegranate tree. As children, the boys etched “Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul” (27) into the tree's bark. The tree is their safe haven; where they can escape the taunting of Assef and the judgements of the townspeople. It is where they can just be themselves without a worry in the world. One of the book's most important quotes is “For you a thousand times over” (67, 371) which Hassan says to Amir, then later Amir himself repeats it to Sohrab. This is the sentence that
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drives Amir through his long journey to find his better self. Without Hassan and his endless loyalty constantly in the back of his mind, Amir could not have completed his journey to do what he should have a long time ago. He should redeem himself while his best friend is still alive, or even while they were children. Throughout their entire childhood, Amir tries to escape his guilt. He tries to convince himself that Hassan is nothing more to him than a servant. In reality, if Hassan was only a mere servant to Amir, why did his betrayal of Hassan affect him for the rest of his life?
Hassan spends his whole life believing his mother does not care about him or his father. By the time Sanaubar does take an interest, Hassan already moves on onto the next stage in his life. Sanaubar finally realizes what she misses by leaving Ali and Hassan. Sohrab is the perfect situation to show her true loyalty, as shown through this excerpt:
“I remember Sanaubar came out of the hut, holding her grandson, had him wrapped in a wool blanket. She stood beaming under a dull grey sky, tears streaming down her cheeks, the needle-cold wind blowing her hair, and clutching that baby in her arms like she never wanted to let go. Not this...

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