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Today I’ll talk about a horrible disaster that happened one night in 1871. It started out a peaceful night with the wind blowing harder than usual. Almost everyone was asleep because of their normal busy lives that they thought they would be doing in the morning.

The Beginning
October 8, 1871: It was a dry, dry Sunday night. Dan Sullivan went on a walk to visit some neighbors, but when he got to the neighborhood he saw flames rolling out of the O’Leary’s barn. He took action and immediately started to yell, “FIRE!” to wake up his friends and neighbors. Dennis Rogan had heard Mr. Sullivan and quickly ran to the O’Leary’s house. He tried knocking on the door, but then he busted down the door and started yelling for the O’Leary’s to wake up. When Mr. O’Leary woke up he immediately got his family out of the house.

The Fire Gets Out Of Control
William Lee, a new father, had heard his couple month old son crying in his crib room. When he went there and finally finished settling down his son he saw the fire that started to catch in his backyard. He hurried to his room and woke his wife and told her to take care of their son. Then he ran to Goll’s Drugstore. When he tried to turn in a fire alarm Goll wouldn’t let him. He lied and told William a truck had already passed. William ran back to his house and got his family out just in time.

The Selfish Goll
Goll didn’t care about the fire so of course he didn’t turn in a fire alarm, but in the end when the fire was put out he lied saying that after William left he turned in a fire alarm. Some people believe him and said that the box failed, but most knew he lied. Even after William left Goll locked up his store and went to go watch the fire, but of course he didn’t care because his shop was out of range of the fire.

The Fire Gets Bigger
The streets of Chicago were known to flood so to counteract this problem they lifted the streets a little higher off the ground with wood. So the streets were made of wood and they were known for faking stone with wood. Plus to add on to their problems they had been in a drought and there was a big fire the night before, not as big as this one though. The firefighter’s barricade of water and firefighting was not enough....

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