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The Great Stem Cell Research Debate

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The focus of this project will be predominantly on the medical field and the pros and cons of working in such a field. This field is a very diverse field to go into, and there are many different areas that can be covered. The reason I have chosen this occupation is because for the longest time I have wanted to go into a profession where I could help people stay well and help sick people get better. I want to help find a cure for something (Cancer, AIDS, Leukemia, etc…) and I want people with these diseases to be able to continue to live normal lives. Unlike many careers, this would give me a chance to change something in the world that can be remembered for decades. I feel that doing something like that would be important because it would give me recognition, which many people never get after their death. I want to be helping people long after I'm gone, and this career gives me that opportunity.The career has many different pros to it, and there are also cons to working in this profession. The first challenge of this profession is the mere fact that you have to attend many years of undergraduate, graduate, and professional school in order to even be considered for this profession. There is also med school, which takes time, money, and lots of hard work to get into. Ahead, I see years of long, hard work and studying to get into med school and after that, I see medical school being very difficult and even after graduating, the internship at a hospital will prove to be very, very difficult. The definition of the actual career of being a doctor entails a lot of different jobs. A doctor is a person who has the ability to diagnose illness, prescribe medication, and depending on their qualifications, they can perform different tasks. Becoming a doctor is a very long and drawn-out process. Doctors must complete an approved field of study during undergraduate school that prepares them for medical school. During this time, they must also take the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). A score of 27 or higher is generally deemed a good score. Scoring 8-8-8 is also deemed better than scoring 10-10-5 because they want you to be a well-rounded student. There is also an essay portion on the test.A doctor does not have a typical salary because there are so many different types of doctors and they are all paid by their skills and based on how much their services are needed in the area. An average salary could be somewhere around $100,000 to over $500,000. Doctors can work in hospitals, their own practices, or they sometimes make house calls. Most of the time, a doctor is in a very safe, very clean environment. They have very rigorous working schedules because they are forced to be available throughout the day and into the night sometimes. Many doctors are on their own after a while, where they can make their own decisions and have many people working under them. Doctors are put in very tough situations sometimes. They must tell family members that they...

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2372 words - 9 pages , religious, legal and medical values and belief. These form the basis of the debate as to whether or not it is humane and ethical to destroy even one embryo for the advance of the sciences and the benefit of millions. However there is an alternative method of stem cell research which makes use of adult stem cells that are found throughout the body, including in bone marrow and hair follicles. Robert Hoffman, of the American medical research company

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859 words - 3 pages intrigue me, but not to the point as to where I would make a career of it. I think that stem cell research is a really great idea because it saves people’s lives. After hearing both sides of debates I have to say the research being done is good because of the progress and the advances it can bring to the medical community.      In the articles I have read on this very controversial debate on whether stem cells should be destroyed or used for

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803 words - 3 pages cell research could provide even greater advances. Another reason for abandoning this research is that all the promises made by scientists have not been proven. According to the Institute for Creation Research, they are all theories at best. Embryonic stem cell research could be a great help to society, but it can also take it on a downward spiral. This research can give answers to questions that have been asked since the beginning of time

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1136 words - 5 pages great effort but without harm.” and “Actual cures are many years away, though, since research has not progressed to the point where even one cure has yet been generated by embryonic stem cell research. “ Additionally, consideration ought to be given on the use of umbilical cord blood cells for stem cell research. This is another approach to achieving the same results in research. In this method, unborn children would not have to be sacrificed

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1280 words - 5 pages experiments is stem cell research.  The reason stem cell research is so controversial is because it is said that research plays with human life which many consider unethical.  It is an idea that must be considered in order for stem cell research to continue, but just because it has been said to be unethically playing with human life, doesn't mean that it is.  Stem cell research is ethical because it can help replace bad tissue, cure diseases, and help

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1002 words - 4 pages action. Science, medicine in particular, exists to serve the human person; a balance can and must be achieved between the great promise of stem cell research and respect for human life. This is precisely what stem cell research accomplishes. The prospect of curing many debilitating conditions such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and paralysis, or at least significantly lessening the suffering they cause. Stem cell research

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807 words - 3 pages happen to the gene pool a hundred generations from now.Stem cell research sounds harmless, but taking cells from human embryos is an unacceptable sacrifice of potential life to save another. While stem cells hold great potential in medicine, they should be taken from adult tissue, not embryos, because there is no justification to kill off one potential life to try and help another.Our government has an obligation to protect the weak, including the

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1561 words - 6 pages to treat him or her respectfully. Though the cost may be great, the use of human stem cell research in the growing world of science would be beneficial so long as certain moral guidelines were put in place to limit the abuse of technologies and only allow said procedures to take place when they do not violate the autonomy of a human being. The use of stem cell research and cloning to personalize the medical world would allow doctors to more

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3493 words - 14 pages debate, and current policy regarding stem cell research. My personal position will then be juxtaposed alongside supporting and opposing opinions on the matter of Federal funding of embryonic stem cells. Background: What are Stem Cells? Stem cells are a pluripotent cell type, able to differentiate into multiple cell types. There are many kinds of stem cells in the human body, though some are more differentiated to a particular function than

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1515 words - 6 pages One of the most heated political battles in the United States in recent years has been over the morality of embryonic stem cell research. The embryonic stem cell debate has polarized the country into those who argue that such research holds promises of ending a great deal of human suffering and others who condemn such research as involving the abortion of a potential human life. If any answer to the ethical debate surrounding this particular