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The Truman Show: Film Commentary Essay

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America saw him when he was born. Everyone in the world tuned in for his first step. For thirty

years, Truman Burbank was unknowingly the subject of a reality television show. When he was born,

Truman was adopted by the network. His entire life is displayed to millions of people through a series

of hidden cameras. His life is nothing more than a source of entertainment for the viewers and a source

of profit for the producers.The omnipotent director, Christof, creates an artificial world, Seahaven, that

revolves around Truman. Throughout the movie, some truths as well as fallacies are exposed about

modern life.

The Truman Show aired twenty-four hours a day every day, and ...view middle of the document...

The people who tune in like the show

because of how “real” it is, and the reality of reality is that reality is not so extraordinary after all; there

is in fact no true reality of reality at all.

Another truth that is exposed is the way that commercials can cause a person to do something

that they may have not done otherwise. Since the Truman Show was constantly airing, commercials

had to be implemented by having Meryl or Marlon advertise a product. Meryl always advertised

products for the home while Marlon always advertised beer. Meryl and Marlon would show off the

products by listing many characteristics that the products possessed while still being “subtle” enough

that Truman did not even realize that they were advertising anything at first. The viewers probably did

not realize that those products were being advertised, but they would still end up buying the products.

The media uses product placement as a means for financial support, and this method is quite effective.

When Truman and Meryl were arguing, Meryl turns to the camera and advertises a cocoa drink. It is

obvious from this action that Meryl does not care about Truman or the argument, and she is only doing

what she was told to do. In the same way, the individuals who have the power to control what people

see and hear on the television do not actually care about the best interest of the consumers. These

individuals only care about the profit that they are seeking. This movie shows how much advertising

persuades people to purchase a product. Television viewing can influence the purchases that someone

makes without anyone even realizing it.

Despite being born on set, it is demonstrated that there cannot actually be a true reality show.

Truman's reactions were real, but he was only reacting to what was presented to him. What was

presented to him, however, was not real. Truman was the only “true man” on the show. Everyone that

Truman ever encountered was merely an actor. The situations...

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