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It's dinnertime and your parents are yelling your name to come eat. You yell back saying, "I will be there in just a minute!" In reality though, you could take up to ten minutes, but then your food will be cold. Finally ten minutes have passed and your mother comes upstairs and threatens to ground you. Everybody has been in this situation before with different things such as movies and television. Since technology has developed rapidly, video games have become more realistic in terms of violence. These games and systems have reached second in demand in the media industry following television (Rottenberg et al. 30). The human species is an inherently violent species in this generation. When we play video games for extended hours at a time, the game removes us from reality into a new dream world killing and fighting monsters, enemies, and villains. Most humans believe video games do not cause violence; however, drug addiction, murders, and victims of bullying are at an all the time high in the twenty-first century and I believe violent video games are the cause of this matter. Video games create stimulation in the brain that provokes addiction, bullying, and aggression that turns into violence.

For hours at a time, young adults and teenagers glue themselves to a screen and play video games constantly. Young boys can engage in these games for more than seven hours a week (Anderson and Bushman). Children will come home after school and get right on their video games and play until two and three in the morning. When a player triggers a gunshot or a grenade, the brain reacts to the murder or explosion, and excites the receptors in the brain as if the player was in the situation, creating a sense of intoxication in the gamers mind (Quittner et al. 30). The player believes he is in control of the situation and nothing in reality can stop him. "The body and brain become fully involved--so much so that dopamine, a neurotransmitter that some believe is the master molecule of addiction, gets produced while you're playing" (Quittner et al. 30). However, when these children become angry or depressed, they take their anger or sadness out during a video game first, instead of consulting a parent, sibling, friend, or a therapist, but an addicted player will deny he is addicted and instead be diagnosed with depression (Wagner 53). Most parents, despite the facts, do not care how much time their kids spend playing violent video games as long as their schoolwork and chores are done (Wagner 51). Children spending hours on video games become anti-social and revolve their lives around these games instead of other human beings, thus these kids become negative and lonely and don’t have clear [demented] thoughts to share (Quittner et al. 30).
Throughout violent video games, children are able to punch, strangle, beat up, and kill many different types of villains, monsters, and even innocent people. In the game Grand Theft Auto, children are able to walk up to random...

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