The Case Against Ashley Jessup Essay

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David Lohr; a reporter for The Huffpost Crime webpage, wrote an article titled: “Ashley
Jessup, Ohio Mom, Accused Of Raping 10-Month Old Son.” In his article Lohr states that a 24-year
old woman was charged for sexually abusing her 10 month old son. The article explains how on
August 30th, Ashley Jessup, videotaped herself performing sexual acts on her baby and shared the
assault with a boyfriend in Battle Creek Michigan, via email. It is alleged that he suggested that she
videotape the abuse and send it to him. They were sharing other sexually explicit materials back and
forth. Some of the items Ashley and her boyfriend shared through email were reported to be unusual.
There was no mention of what those items were. On August 31st, a former girlfriend of the man,
discovered the video and called the Michigan State Police. Ashley was arrested and is being held on a
one million dollar bond. Her boyfriend, who has not been publicly identified, is being investigated for
potential charges. The article also includes the indictment used by the Grand Jury in Franklin County
to indict Ashley Jessup. Her arraignment is scheduled for Monday, September 12th, 2011. The infant is
in protective custody and his father, Johnathon Vasquez, age 19, is seeking custody.
Sexual abuse, especially toward a defenseless infant, is inexcusable. Ashley Jessup committed
a heinous crime that has left her family, and community shaken. Her mother, who was not identified,
was reported to be shocked and humiliated over her daughter's arrest. David Lohrs' article
demonstrates how our criminal justice system works from arrest to arraignment, showing the public
how quickly the process can be, given the evidence that supports it, the severity of the case and that
justice for this type of crime can be swift as well as harsh.
In the case against Ashley Jessup, her boyfriends' ex-girlfriend played a significant role by
providing Ohio's state police with information that led to apprehension and evidence to fulfill our
system of criminal justice. The video this woman provided to the state police was viewed and used to
contact the local police department in Columbus, Ohio. They in turn, gained a search warrant to collect
the necessary evidence against Jessup. Her computer, video camera, and other things were among the
evidence that was used toward her arrest. With those items, Prosecutor Ron O'Brien of Franklin
County, charged Ashley Jessup. The charges, in accordance to the laws of Ohio; are, two counts of
rape of a child under the age of 13, one count of endangering children, and one count of pandering
sexually orientated matter involving a child. Additionally, she was indicted by the Grand Jury and
subsequently given a bond of one million dollars and a date has been set for arraignment....

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