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In life every individual goes through a positive emotion, perhaps due to an event that he or she didn't expect; either if its a smile or a laugh, while others come in contact with negative emotions like a frown or tears due to disappointment or a loss. But one of the major difficult emotions to overcome would be fear. What makes this emotion so hard to overcome would be the act of actually facing it and declaring it not fearful any longer. Emotions take a major part of an individuals life, and some individuals seem to be stuck in the middle of two emotions or feel overwhelmed by a particular emotion at the same time. A sense of emotional detachment is brought upon in Jhumpa Lahiri's “Going ...view middle of the document...

He becomes so angry with himself that he couldn't save Ted Lavender’s life, he takes it out on his distraction. “On the morning after Ted Lavender died. First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross crouched at the bottom of his foxhole and burned Martha's letters. Then he burned the two photographs” (O'Brien, 1487). Jimmy felt that burning all of her photos and letters in his foxhole would change him back into the man he was before he met Martha. Even though he knew he couldn't bring Ted Lavender back he wanted to prevent the accident from occurring again He didn't have the mentality of a leader, nor as a friend and he knew he would have to overcome the feeling of losing someone else due to his distractions.
Similarly to Lt Jimmy Cross's situation Kaushik is put to a love test in Jhumpa Lahiri's “Going Ashore.” He reconsiders his fearwhen it comes to working with near death experiences, taking pictures of dangerous events that others wouldn't dare to do, to leaping into a pool of love with no certain destination; his relationship with Hema. Kaushik is a man who is devoted to his work and falls in love with Hema who is engaged with another man named Navin. He never seems to be committed to commitment because he doesn't feel its a necessity. However in my opinion I feel as if hes afraid to be in a real marriage because then he his tide down to one person. Comparing it to his occupation if he was married he wouldn't be able to explore those dangerous adventures he is so use to. He knows he wants Hema but just to have her as company and not a wife nor the mother of is children. Kaushik declares to Hema, “Come with me. Kaushik said. Where? To Hong Kong... Don't marry him, Hema” (Lahiri, 639). Also at one point Hema questions him to see if he's afraid of his occupation at times. “Does it affect you, seeing these things? He shrugged, opened the cupboard, took out to glasses for wine. It doesn't help anymore if I'm does affect me. What? Taking pictures. Not always, but sometimes. Sometimes in ways I don't like” (636). At first he denies it but after having intercourse with Hema, he thinks about it and tells her that he does get scared when taking pictures of these dangerous events.
We are able to visualize the level of manhood Kaushik lowers himself from. He wants Hema in his life but yet again he wants to continue with his dangerous adventures, and doesn't promise her marriage. We also see Kaushik detachment from his emotions when he visualizes the image of his mother swimming, “Henrik dived over the edge of the boat and started to swim, his ungainly body turning graceful as it cut through the water with swift strokes. And alongside Henrik, for a moment, Kaushik saw his mother also swimming, saw her body still vital, a brief blur that passed as effortlessly as the iridescent fish darting from time to time beneath the boat” (645). In a time of desperation, the only image that comes to Kaushik is his mother. He remembers his earlier event with...

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