The Truth Behind Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment, the governments legalized form of murder, represents the cruelty America has to offer. It is paradoxical that the government punishes crimes of murder with the same criminal act that these wrongdoers committed themselves. What message does it show the world if our government, or the respected representatives of the American public, resort to the same level as the ones who commit these heinous crimes? Not only does capital punishment prove as a ineffective means of a deterrent, it creates a sense of false retribution, and also contradicts moral beliefs, economic reasoning, U.S. Constitution, and even discriminates against the accused in the flawed judicial ...view middle of the document...

Amnesty International says, "threat of execution at some future date is unlikely to enter the minds of those acting under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol... " (Amnesty International). Some people truly do not understand the gravity of their actions, and will remain unaware of the consequences of their predicament due to the respective factors of rage, alcohol, and mental instability (Amnesty International). The truth is no credible evidence can be found to support capital punishment and its deterrence effects, proving the death penalty as an ineffective means of a deterrent.
The fact that murder is wrong is no secret; any who have been lucky enough to experience some type of parental upbringing know that. And not only does it depend on the type of upbringing one had but also may come from religious affiliations. It is to many religions beliefs that murder is considered the worst criminal act that any person can commit, Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim to name a couple. Exodus 20:13 of The Bible states that "thou shall not kill," a commandment from God that should be accepted by all Christians. But even if most people know murder is wrong... that is only most people. The remaining others may commit the unbearable crimes out of rage or just may be mentally unstable. The people who chose to lead lives of murder should indeed be dealt with. They should be sent to jail for life without parole, not be put to death and experience this unusually cruel form of punishment. The controversy around morality (and constitutionality in this case) has not so much to do with whether or not the convicted should die for his or her crimes, but whether or not the state and federal government have the actual right to kill their imprisoned convict (Death Penalty). When the government uses the death penalty, they "legitimize an irreversible act of violence," ultimately demonstrating to all the violence and corruption in our own state and federal governments (Oneida). In the 1770's, the United States rebelled against the British government because they were depriving Americans of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," a philosophy adopted by Thomas Jefferson from philosopher John Locke in drafting our declaration of independence. The hypocrisy in this is we rebelled against Great Britain who was depriving Americans of a better life, yet it is okay if the American government deprives Americans of life. Putting someone to death violates our founding Fathers' philosophy and also violates the Bill of Rights 8th amendment, "Excessive bail shall not be required... nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted" (Littell 167). Death, by all means, should be considered the most cruel and unusual form of punishment for these convicts. Executions, in modern society, are usually aided by physicians who inject the "patient" with potassium chloride, stopping the victims heart (Death Penalty Information Center). Although this may be a more painless method, the...

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