The Truth Behind Fad Diets Essay

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“Fitness- If it came in a bottle, everyone would have a great body.” –Chef
Every day there is an advertisement that comes on during commercial breaks when watching television or when listening to the radio about some diet supplement or diet plan as known as “Fad Diets”. Just what are Fad diets? Fad diets are any weight loss plan or supplement aid that promises to produce dramatic weight loss in a very short amount of time and that they are easy to follow and require very little to no exercise. Companies use logical fallacies when marketing their product to help inform or persuade their customers that their dietary supplement will work the best and give the best results. Logical fallacies are ...view middle of the document...

The audience that hears these types of ads can relate to this fallacy because the marketers of the diet product may inform its audience that this supplement will work but the audience doesn’t know for sure if the product will work for them or not. If a small pill could eliminate obesity, then why is America still known as the most obese country in the world? Wouldn’t more and more people that are overweight take these diet pills?
Supplement retailers love celebrity product endorsements. Nothing gives a weight loss plan or a diet supplement product retailer a boost like an endorsement of a boldface name or a model whose entire career is based on getting in shape. Seeing a trusted celebrity on a bottle of pills at the drug store may make the product seem more legit, but don’t be fooled, they are still dangerous, unregulated and do not even work. Popular diet supplement companies pay these celebrities that are already in great shape or has recently been on a different weight loss plan that made them lose a significant amount of weight, tremendous amount of money to endorse their product by giving a good sales pitch or putting their face on a bottle and using before and after pictures so that if people see that a celebrity is “using” their product and it worked for them, then they are quickly to believe it must work for them if they consume the product. This type of advertisement can link to the logical fallacy known as confusing association with causation. Confusing association with causation is the assumption that because two events are correlated that one must have caused the other to happen. For example, “Jessica Simpson uses Hydroxycut, therefore Hydroxycut makes the body lose weight and that Hydroxycut makes you look like Jessica Simpson” (Bradley). This fallacy is a wrong way to look at the supplement, because a celebrity endorsed the product the audience assumes that if a celebrity used a diet product therefore, that product makes you use weight and makes you look like that celebrity. If all the products out on the market had celebrity endorsements then wouldn’t everyone have a body like the in shape celebrity endorsers?
Another fallacy when talking about fad dieting is circular reasoning. Circular reasoning occurs when a person attempts to support a statement by simply repeating the statement in different terms. Circular reasoning is commonly used when someone is talking about a certain diet on whether if it’s good or bad. For instance the “Low-Carb Diet” is a very popular fad diet and many dieters that believe in this diet use the fallacy of circular reasoning by saying that, “Carbohydrates are fattening because carbohydrates are fat” (Howe et al). This fallacy is false. Carbohydrates are not fat, but carbohydrates can lead to weight gain, for instance, if someone consumes high amounts of carbs and does not work out or do anything to burn off those carbohydrate calories, then those left over carbohydrates turn into fat. Carbohydrates...

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