The Truth Behind Music And Television

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How many hours, on average, do young adults spend listening to music and watching television? For music, young adults spend about two and a half hours listening throughout the day. Music is merely organized sound that is meaningful and designed to entertain the audience listening. Music and television are more than just relaxing activities to spend extra time but can affect the psychological and developmental process of young adults. It may help young adults get their feelings across easily, but it does more harm than good. Parents and even experts know and have proven that listening to certain types of music and watching too much television are corrupting the minds of young adults. For toddlers and infants, they observe about two hours a day, and as they grow up they watch more and new programs. However, some television programs inform children about themselves, their environment, and the world in the comfort and safety of their own home. Not only does the media keep young adults from being physically active but also exposes them to disaster, violence, and sex at an early age. Adolescent use of media has a negative impact on children because music’s suggestive content effects their actions and emotions and is too easily accessible, and television’s glorification of sex and violence is a distraction from a healthy lifestyle.
The types of music that young adults play and listen to, good or bad, affect both their actions and emotions. “Music is an inherent part of who we really are and our lives would not be the same” (Sibal). People start listening to music before they are even born and continue to throughout their lives. The type of music, though, depends on how much exposure one has to the material. Music means something different to everyone because everyone has a unique taste. Some people may find music to be relaxing whereas others may find that same kind to be energizing. “The type of music they listen to is usually the mood they are in at the time” (Mariam). Listening to their favorite kind of music is a way for them to express themselves. People try to find something in every song to try to connect to it. If it is through the lyrics, the story behind it, or even the way that the song makes them feel. The reason young adults listen to music is to connect with it and to articulate their feelings in ways that they would not be able to do through their actions. “The lyrics rapped by the artists can be things going on in their own personal lives” (Mariam). Even the artist is using music to express the way that they feeling in the moment when they wrote the song. The music that one listens to makes them the way that they are and influence the way that they think. Some music today can lead the young adults listening to it make them make idiotic choices. Everyone listens to music, and it influences one’s actions in a drastic way. Rap music highly exposes drugs, sex, and violence to the people who listen to it. This raw...

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