The Truth Behind Noah And The Great Flood

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It was a time when men lost faith in the Lord, they weren’t aware of how to act or how to worship. Angels in heaven were unfaithful to their God and fell from heaven to make merry with the daughters of men. The Earth was in shambles. The offspring of angels and women were roaming around and destroying the land that God had made. He had to make a decision, and that decision was to end all life on the Earth, and rebuild it. Yet, there was one man, Noah who had unwavering faith in his God. God decided to let Noah be the one to rebuild the Earth.
This is the story of Noah according to Genesis, chapters 6 through 9 in the King James Bible. Noah heard the voice of God and was told that the Earth is in turmoil. God told him that he would end all life by causing a flood to cover the land. Noah was told to build an ark out of gopher wood, with very specific dimensions to house his family. He was then told to bring with him upon the ark, seven pairs of every clean species of animal and only one pair of unclean animals.
Noah built the ark and soon the flood was upon the Earth. His family and the animals entered the ark, and waited for forty days and forty nights, while the rains continued. As the flood took over the land, the ark was raised above the waters. The waters covered the tallest mountains and all living creatures were drowned. For a hundred and fifty days, the Earth was covered by water. As the waters abated, the ark came to rest upon the mountains of Ararat. However, the tops of the mountains were not seen until the first day of the tenth month.
Noah opened the window at the top of the ark and sent a raven to fly above the waters until they no longer covered the Earth. He then sent a dove but it came back to him, as it found no land to rest on. Seven days later, he sent the dove again, yet this time it came back with an olive leaf in its mouth. This told Noah that the waters had abated from the Earth. Deciding to stay in the ark for another seven days, he then sent the dove again which never came back. Hearing the voice of God tell him to leave the ark, Noah set out to rebuild the world. Noah built and altar to God and took one of every clean animal and offered burnt offerings upon the altar.
God blessed Noah and his sons and sent them to multiply and replenish the earth. He then sent a rainbow in the clouds to mark the covenant between him and the earth. With this token, he let the people of the earth remember that when the dark clouds appear, he will not allow them to flood the earth and destroy all life again.
After the Great Flood, Noah became the first tiller of soil. He is depicted as a husbandman who planted a vineyard and drank of the wine. While drunk, Noah’s son Ham saw him naked and told his brothers. Therefore, Noah cursed Ham’s son, Canaan, giving his land to Shem. Noah died 350 years after the Flood, at the age of 950. He was the last of the immensely long-lived antediluvian Patriarchs. ...

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