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The Truth Behind Sea World Essay

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Korben Clark
English IV DC Pd. 6
2 May 2014
Research Paper
The Truth Behind Sea World
When people think of Sea World, they think of a fun and exciting park where they can see various aquatic animals. They think of the very large manatees swimming behind the glass. People think of the hilarious dolphin and seal shows. More than anything, people associate Sea World with Shamu. The amazing Shamu show which is a must see when attending the park. They think of the happy trainers and how much fun they are having with the Orcas. All of this makes Sea World a multi-billion dollar corporation. When thinking about Sea World, people do not question what goes on when the crowds are not watching. They aren’t curious about how the Orcas are treated. They see the trainers and assume no one ever gets hurt. However, with research it is very easy to find that Sea World is not only an awful corporation but a disgrace to our society. The fact of the matter is that Sea World abuses its killer whales. It is very easy to see if a person knows what to look for concerning the wellness of the whale. Another truth about Sea World is that its trainers are put in danger on a daily basis. No training can prepare a person for live action with an abused twenty-two thousand pound whale. The corporate for Sea World is as corrupt as Illinois politicians. This is not a joke. They purposely injure their whales and put their trainers in danger. When questioned in court, they hire very good attorneys to lie and help them avoid charges by presenting false and misleading evidence. They accomplish all of this while cutting themselves a very big paycheck. Sea World needs to be shut down, and the public needs to become aware of the atrocities that have and are still occurring.
CNN recently aired a documentary titled “Blackfish” directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. It is an eye opening story about the truth behind Sea World and its business. It focuses on the life of a particular whale named Tilikum. This documentary takes the viewer through Tilikum’s capture, his performances, his breeding, and even his link to three dead Sea World trainers. Sea World is like the neighborhood bully. They commit wrongdoing after wrongdoing and are never punished. Something has to change. The people in this society have to stand up for what’s right and not just for what makes money. Hopefully this paper will help in the fight to stop animal abuse, particularly the abuse to the animals at Sea World.
Twenty-three million seven hundred thousand people attended a Sea World in 2013 (Garcia, 1). Many of these visitors came to see the famous Shamu show. If only these same visitors knew the truth of what actually happens to Shamu, they would likely not return. Let’s begin with how Sea World captures their Killer Whales. According to Howard Garret, “they had airplanes, they had spotters, they had speed boats, and they had bombs they were throwing in the water.” Howard Garret is an OSHA representative. He recalls...

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