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The Truth Behind The Demand For More Gun Control

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The Truth behind the Demand for More Gun-control

Tom Gresham’s editorial “Gun-control has a clear record of failure” was published in The Columbus Dispatch on January 6, 2013. In this editorial, Gresham seeks to bring to the attention of his readers that there are no new ideas being proposed regarding gun-control; in fact what is being proposed is in direct opposition to the tried and true measures that bring out gun-control. Gresham, a supporter of responsible gun ownership, compares the more popular mainstream ideas for gun-control with current law in effort to point out to readers that these suggestions, while natural and understandable, have all been tried and historically have ...view middle of the document...

Effectively drawing his readers in, Gresham reminds his readers that hundreds of thousands of everyday citizens own and use semiautomatics without harm coming to others. Gresham drives his point home by reminding readers of the dissolve of the assault rifle ban in 2004. He tells readers that after a 10-year ban on assault rifles here in the U.S., that gun-control supporters predicted a huge increase in crime with rifles that never came. Gresham wisely appeals to his reader’s common sense by sharing with his audience that statistically more people are killed with fists and feet than with rifles of any kind, and that semiautomatic weapons make-up a fraction of that subset of rifles. To keep his argument factual, Gresham points out that The National Academy of Sciences study on gun-control laws in the U.S. could find no link between restrictions on gun ownership and lower rates of crime, firearm violence or accidents with guns (Gresham).
Once Gresham makes his case for gun-control having a clear record of failure he turns his attention to informing his readers on what does work to keep individuals and the public safe. He continues his common sense appeal by stating there are two tried and true measures that have been proven successful. Gresham reveals the first measure is gun safety education. Various public education programs teaching safe gun handling techniques along with safe gun storage habits combined with in school programs that teach children not to touch guns. Gresham believes all of these are effective ways of educating the public and promoting responsible practical gun-control. The second measure Gresham supports is the concealed carry movement. Gresham points out that states like Florida...

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